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  1. Besides the settings I can’t make the game to recognize correctly the csl DD with the cs F1 2021 steering wheel and podium advanced paddles.. both in pc mode and in compatibility mode some buttons are always not mappable or not working properly.. this game is unplayable to me, with this devices, wich is ridiculous! anyone with the same issues?
  2. Same issue for me with same devices, no way to make them work correctly. I tried to use the CSW 2.5 compatibility mode but other issues came up (some buttons are not mappable or do not works)… the result is the game is UNPLAYABLE!!! I think that the problem is that the game dors not recognize correctly the CSL DD and the F1 2021 formula Wheel LE.. VERY disappointing!
  3. Hi, I’m experiencing big problem with the accelerator on F1 2021, with both the DC simracing pedals and the CSL elite pedals the accelerator has a HUGE initial dead zone! I mean on 3 cm of total travel the game start to register the pression only after the pedal has alrrady travelled for 2,5, and at 3 cm (full travel), il register the 100% (flat out) acceleration input. That makes very difficult to manage the acceleration, because for about 80% of the pedal travel I have NO response whatsoever, and in the last 20% of the travel I’ve all the 100% gas power.. the same pedals where totally f
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