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  1. I know on two player co-op you have an option when setting up the game that says if you change teams your partner follows you, or you can change teams and go seperate ways. But that setting is on co-op. The mode I am playing is just normal single player..either that setting auto carried over to single player or I just accidentally clicked through that setting. Also talking of retirements..on my game Vettel and Raikkonen retired. Bottas went to Alpha Romeo..Alonso went to Red Bull as Verstappen went to Mercedes lol Talk about an unlikely super team 😅
  2. Yeah I just thought it would be teams approaching me (like in MyTeam I as a team approach a driver)..i didn't realise it was upto me to approach teams. Also the fact that George Russell automatically followed me to AlphaTauri annoyed me lol. I assumed I would be replacing Tsunoda and partnering Gasly but when I moved it brough George Russell with me. I am not sure if that is how it happens in the game or if I have a setting on that made that happen.
  3. My first F1 games was 2020 and I was hooked. I purchased F1 2021 and started a career with Williams as I like the idea of starting from the bottom. Do you get offers from other teams at the end of the season? or do you just have to approach teams yourself? It came to my contract renewal date after Abu Dhabi and options were to renew or approach other teams only. I hoped it would be teams approaching me. Also when I approached AlphaTauri..George Russell also left Williams with me and became my partner at AlphaTauri..is this something that always happens or do I have a setting o
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