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  1. Seems to be somewhat related to this issue as well https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/85225-all-platforms-myteam-saves-not-advancing-save-games-needed/. Similar points during the season, or even mentioning Monza. There's an issue somewhere either with the Monza weekend, or something occurring around that time that's causing these issues. Single and Coop Career, and it seems also MyTeam and normal Career.
  2. I also arrived at Monza and I completed all sessions, FP1 to the middle of the race, in one go with no issues. Mid-session saved, and now when I try to continue, there's no team name on my Save, and I also have the same Saving Game on the top left and Ego Dumper crash afterwards. So I guess this has something to do with Monza itself. Hopefully the savegames are still usable after a patch... EDIT: Just as a note, my issue occurred during normal career mode, so it's not a MyTeam specific issue.
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