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  1. The AI was good at moving over during practice and qualifying when you're on a flying lap and they're on an in/out lap...until I think patch 1.12, since then they totally ignore you and block you. I wish they could revert back. I've not played since patch 1.13 went live...I don't suppose its been fixed?
  2. Tonight when i got the radio message saying there is a serious problem, I hit pause but the option to flashback was gone. So the game had decided I was due to have a DNF. I mean if it happens now and then it actually adds to the realism so I don't mind, I just hope it doesn't happen TOO often despite upgrading Durability.
  3. In myteam I've noticed that twice in the past 6 races I have had DNF when I took all new engine parts (started from the back with penalties). I know it does happen IRL even with fresh components but I guess I was unlucky. Maybe I need to lay off the performance upgrades and focus on reliability for a while.
  4. I wish we could have more sponsors as well. However nice you make the livery, on the replays the car always looks out of place because the real cars have so many stickers all over and the player car looks bare by comparison. Too many if the sponsor's logos are just their name written out as well, we need some more cool logo graphics amongst the sponsors that we can plaster all over the car.
  5. Andretti Autosport And sporting a lime green livery in season 1 inspired by the Minardi car from 2000
  6. Yes I had the same last night in a race at suzuka in S1 of My Team. I think its an attempt at having a mechanical issue, made it quite challenging accelerating out of the slower corners.... after the race I got an email and 400 extra resource points
  7. I always thought it would be cool if after the end of 10 years you see your driver in the all time table of stats. Eg maybe you earned 60 race wins, you could see your name on the table in 3rd place of all time wins behind Hamilton and schumacher. Or maybe also see your position in the all time pole position and points table etc.
  8. mosmo88

    Tyres management

    Thanks for the tips guys. I think I'll try a wet race in Singapore on grand prix mode and practice some laps with the brake bias further back and earlier braking and see if I can manage the tyres better. Hopefully I'll be more prepared next time a wet race comes around in my team
  9. mosmo88

    Tyres management

    I had 11 front & rear wing Diff was 74 on, 60 off Camber -2.8 front, -1.8 rear Toe 0.07 front. 0.20 rear Suspension 1 & 5, anti roll bar 1 & 5. Ride height 3 & 8. Brakes were at 100% pressure which I run with no problem during all dry races, no brake assist or abs on. Bias was 57% when I had issues with the inters and when I switched to 56% it got slightly better. Tyre pressures were 23.4 front and 22.7 rear. I wonder if i just needed to brake much earlier than I was initially doing on the 1st set of inters. Perhaps locking up wa
  10. mosmo88

    Tyres management

    I'm on my first My Team season and just had my first wet race of the season in Singapore. The race started dry and became wet enough that everyone pitted for Inters, so I did too. Within 2 laps my front tyres completely overheated and all grip was gone. I was doing well in the race up until then, 8th pace. Ended up having to pit again, dropped to last place 😞 When I put the next set of inters on i moved the brake bias back a bit and started breaking earlier and then it seemed to be OK, no more overheating. I was just massively surprised by how easily and quickly the 1st
  11. Can't wait to try this out 😁 I've only ever driven this track in PC2
  12. Hi all, New to F1 2021, I just bought it on the latest PSN sale. So far for past 3 days all I've done is TT and a few GPS to get used to handling model. I skipped F1 2020 so the handling is quite a big change for me since my last game was F1 2019. I also made the choice that this year for the first time I will drive with no ABS...and I love it! The feel of the car is so much better, I should have tried this years ago. Anyway back to my main topic, I usually use 25% race for career modes but I'm thinking of doing 50% this time. Is tire wear scaled correctly a
  13. I hope this is fixed v. Soon. I just got the game and would love if they fixed this before I start my team mode for First time 😌
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