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  1. Joel709

    Heavy wheel

    Hi guys: not really a compliant just curios, has anyones wheel become quite heavy recently in the game? I’m running the g29 and haven’t changed the wheel damper but I seem to have quite abit more resistance in game. actually quite like it but wondering if something changed on the game.
  2. Hi guys, not sure if it’s been discussed, it seems on most tracks during qualifying the AI seem to get completely confused by eachother with overtaking on outlaps and hotlaps and seem to just go at snail pace, usually in sector one where it can be up to 2 cars wide doing 50mph! I’ve also seen a lot that the ai crash into eachother at the end of quali and usually 5+ of them get grid pens, had Hamilton get a 15 place grid pen yesterday in a league race in Mexico!
  3. Joel709


    They’ve already said that 1.08 & 1.09 are backend patches in preparation for 1.10 so don’t expect to see much difference yet
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