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  1. 6 hours ago, meloncamp said:

    Is there a way to map the final classification data back to a driver ID? I'd like to ingest this to automatically drive stats tracking across a league but can't figure out a clean way to identify the appropriate driver outside of something like fastest lap.

    The packets are indexed by vehicle index so m_classificationData[i] = m_participants[i]

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  2. On 9/16/2021 at 9:35 PM, Hosenloser said:

    is it possible to get the Driver of the Day via UDP ?
    nothing found here or in the Data sheet

    since nobody has an answer to this question... here comes the next:
    Is it possible to use the transmitted udp data to infer the driver rating?

  3. I'm not sure, the game is different in some parts and hoped you get a faster answer than here.

    (I don't know it either, I'm just catching the Telemetry data for our league, I never created a league or even a race ingame 😜)

  4. On 8/27/2021 at 3:03 AM, ScaredDuck said:

    Problem from their point off view is it’s worse if they don’t deliver on what they propose... so better to stay quiet until they know they can deliver on said updates 

    No exact days have to be named, but an overview of what is being worked on, what is planned and what has already been implemented and will be published "soon", is the least I think nowadays

  5. 1 hour ago, ThibaudPHP said:

    people don't read. it's been 3 years all new guys don't read. just they ask this. it's almost one by months...


    When it's not the player name, it's the delta.


    I will suggest that if the keyword "player" and "delta" are used on this topic by a new guys, the message will not send and his acccount will be banned 😄

    I have read it, but the thread is from July 8th and the document has unfortunately no version history where you can see what status or from what time it is. Therefore, I assumed that the document is newer than the post in which the field "in the future" promises.


    So then I suggest that people like you just keep scrolling and put the comment anywhere else where the sun never shines

    And thanks @cgfdoo, thats exactly why i also post here and not only on Github 😉

  6. 6 hours ago, PrimeGoose said:
    // fixed
    // what other errors have you found?
    // I had no time to develop and test my own work. 
    // thank you for reporting
    // you can try the beta package, maybe fixes something, had no time to test, I only applied a theoretical fix to everything.

    For Human Drivers in MP I always get n_name: "Player"
    I also just created a new issue in github for that.
    Or are the wrong data already coming from Codemaster?

  7. 12 hours ago, Hosenloser said:

    thanks for the hint, I'll check it out!

    I'm using the npm package from racehub.io (https://github.com/racehub-io/f1-telemetry-client)

    i just want to pull out the race results and then load them into our league management system
    don't want any real time telemetry data and I haven't found anything like that

    Ok, so I have now tested the prime-goose package explicitly for 2021 and am getting the same error (and some more :D)


  8. Hello there,

    unfortunately, I always get lap times with 10 digits and more, that would mean days
    What did I miss? So far I haven't found anything on the Internet where someone has a similar problem

    I hope someone can help me 😄

    Edit: Screenshot

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