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  1. T3ZZA13 said:
    Yes, after starting the game it will connect to racenet, But when i go into leagues it its only connects now and then and if i do connect after a few minutes it give me a connection error ... Iam a PC gamer only and I have noticed they this cross platform gaming is a pain in the ass with PC users, Console players are destroying it for the PC uses, Buy a real gaming machine, buy a PC
    How the &^$% are you suppose to run and event when this **** keeps happening, **** poor effort for not upgrading your server to handle the connection dirt rally or it it steam causing this
    I've the same problem than you, and I agree 100% with you... Console have destroyed the game...

  2. versedi said:
    Ford Fiesta sound is really nice now with the antilag!
    Is this placebo or the sequential gearbox is faster in some cars?
    PP cars have sequential gearbox fixed, so it changes quickly. Not sure about other cars though. The Polo seemed to have a strangely slow shifting for a 2015 car...
    Yeah it's really slow for this car...