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  1. Wait I'm being actually dumb rn. Ignore my last post, I think I get what you mean now! I'll quickly have a look and try stuff out. Thanks!
  2. Hmm, good point. However never done anything like this. I could easily create a bunch of points for them, but unsure how I would need to string them together into a vector and make those work when I get coords from players. Any resources you potentially can point me to, because I'm not quite sure what I'd need to start searching to find things like this. Thanks in advance for the ideas & your time!
  3. I have just experimented with this real quick. See the x, y & z coords with the image below for Canada: "x": -7.289400577545166, "y": 94.78215026855469, "z": 0.2308087944984436 Am I missing something here? As far as I can tell only x & z are relevant. y seems to be the altitude. Look at where my car is positioned, this is the closest I could get to x 0 & z 0. So that's supposed to be the center or a corner of the map? I feel like I'm missing something because this would make no sense, right?
  4. With "but one thing you can do is to just find some objects to sync the coordinates and your map with" you probably mean like corners? So this is like a sync that I need to do for every track? Then again, as values can go into negatives, I assume position 0,0 (X, Y) would be the center of the map? Whereby it's a matter of finding the scale of the image to make it look correct?
  5. Hey everyone, Not sure if I'm in the right sub-forum, but I couldn't figure out where to post this exactly. Please let me know if I'm wrong. I've created a personal F1 Telemetry app (for F1 2021) but I'm currently looking to create track map. With that I mean a map where you see all the drivers live on a map. Now I'm struggeling to figure out how. I'm aware that the tracks itself aren't officially available anywhere. Luckily F1Laps have published them on their Github: https://github.com/f1laps/f1-track-vectors Now I'm struggeling to get the drivers on that vector and not sur
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