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  1. What kerbs did Codemasters adjust in Bahrain, Monza and China specifically?
  2. Agreed, many players have been asking for this feature for a while now and so have those who have been complaining about how the "tyres are still too big", it really helps to address these issues that people have who want to get the game and their experience as close as it possibly can be to the F1 onboard broadcasts. For those who arent interested in fish eye for whatever reason, they can just simply turn it off in the settings, similar to the turn off halo column in the options.
  3. Yes! a fisheye lens filter would be much wanted!
  4. Also I'd understand why the Mission Winnow sponsor wouldnt be there, common sense really
  5. Charles Leclerc has been running a brand new helmet since the Portimao race,could we have his helmet updated? Hamilton had his updated during last season so figured it should happen for Leclerc this season.
  6. so lets say an incident occurs on track and you have to follow delta then line up etc. You'd be able to pit (if you wanted to) and then straight after leaving the pit exit you can skip the safety car which basically time skips u up to the final few turns in which the stewards announces its going in. This saves a lot of time of just pacing around the track.
  7. There's not much else to explain apart from we should have the ability to skip waiting for the safety car to go back to the pit lane (similar to how we have the ability to skip formation laps) . It just saves a lot of time, making the F1 2021 experience more convenient. So when the player chooses to skip safety car, it would skip to whereabouts the announcement comes up instructing the player to prepare to start racing again.
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