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  1. Estaban Ocon has been a beast for me in Season 3. He's at 99 overall, largely due to all the my spec 3 personnel facility. But even without that, his racecraft is very useful for the races themselves (even if he doesn't qualify too well due to his pace rating).
  2. Well, I've reached season 3 in MyTeam and in spite of reduced resource beginning in season 2, my car is pretty much maxed out. I have millions of dollars to spend if I want, I have thousands of resource points, and I already have a car at the top of R&D. I also have Estaban Ocon at 99 overall for my second driver, since my Personnel department is full-on spec 3. Basically, the long term prospects of this MyTeam are a bit silly, as I appear so overpowered. That may work for some, but I would prefer a slower pace in growth and development. Which leads me to this topic. When I play NBA2K
  3. A 'long war' style setting would be super helpful (for those familiar with XCOM). Basically, a way to significantly slow development to allow for legit 7-9 seasons before we get to where we currently get to in seasons 3-4. "Reduced" isn't enough. Or, a little bolder, a reset every couple of years that re-seeds the various constructors based on how they've developed over two seasons. So there's benefit to developing, and it allows teams to move up and down, but the car development doesn't outpace the fact that we're playing with a static game and static tracks. Resets could be random or ha
  4. The permanent boost theory seems accurate to me. Which means either lowering the base stats or raising the ceiling about 100. Oddly, though I don't think this changes what you've deduced, Hamilton won the first year of my My Team, and is winning in season 2. A lot in part to faults out of Bottas' control. It's clear in the game that when they are head to head, Bottas is generally faster.
  5. It's happened to me a couple of times. It was more frequent when I had enabled the setting to control the menus with the right thumbstick (this is on a PS5). Disabling that reduced it from happening, but once in awhile it still does. I despise Jeff, I assume he's purposely ghosting me because he knows how much I hate him and his terrible advice. At least, that's how I rationalize the bug. **** Jeff!
  6. Well said. I'd rather have them than not. I hated when we didn't. But some tweaks would be nice. Don't sleep on the negotiate-and-fail technique. It works!
  7. In Season 1, everyone developed too fast for my liking. Including me. Even with the regulation change at the end, it felt like all of us had made too much progress. So in Season 2, I reduced the resource points for both me and the AI. Now the development is slowed considerably, but it doesn't look like complete flat lines (I think you had screenshots in the other thread? I seem to recall screenshots. Anyway..). Like PaulLynch said, is it possible they just haven't upgraded yet?
  8. I just wish we could set a custom number. I care about that way more than I care about the order of the races (though that would be nice too). I would love to do 18-20 per year. 16 feels like too few and 21+ is starting to be a bit too many.
  9. I took Schumacher in my season season and he's been solid, if not a bit overpowered, with points in several races (almost 50 points, 12 races in). I kind of regret not sticking with a rookie and seeing if I could build him up.
  10. 42, for all the meaning of life reasons .
  11. That's a really good idea! For now I follow the advice of DRTApophis and keep certain drivers at their current teams whenever possible (by negotiating and failing). Which drivers should stay with their team and which have an option to move is obviously personal preference, but for me it's Lewis at Merc Max at RBR Lando at McLaren Charlie at Ferrari Stroll at Aston Martin Mazepin at HaaS (though I missed on this one in my first season, so he ended up on Williams, taking Latifi's seat, who took the spot at Alpine after Alonso retired) Everyone els
  12. Only highlights on the PS5 (and therefore, I assume PS4 too)
  13. I haven't run enough races to know whether there's been a change. I was getting a reasonable amount in My Team prior to the patch. Now, post-patch I've run two races and I've seen 3 instances that seemed to warrant one, but all I got was the virtual SC. That could just be a small sample size, though.
  14. Mine does the same. Meaning, the last two color choices affect the right side, while the first and last affect the left. I'm guessing it's by design.
  15. For those of us on Consoles (without mods), is that somewhat achievable with the new Career settings options? Specifically, nerfing the Acclaim, Resource Rate, and Cash Rate by setting them as reduced.
  16. This one is great - do you mind posting the color?
  17. I'm going to try this and I'll let you know, because, like you describe, I have little finesse with throttle and brake. Thanks for the tip!
  18. Well, I'm 2 races away from being able to tell you. I have Australia and Yas Marina still to go. I'm hoping that I'll be there by the weekend. I would love to see customization of the schedule that includes not just selecting which races to skip, but also the schedule (putting Australia back to the beginning, for example). Unless that stuff is in the game and I just haven't got there yet.
  19. Fair enough. I think I'll roll the dice and see (being on a console means I don't have the save backup option anyway (not easily at least), so I'll follow your lead on the part about progressing (or not)). Any chance to reduce the silliest part of the silly season is worth it. Hopefully, Codemasters will consider Managing Director mode in My Team that has the ability to override certain aspects of the season, like driver contracts. That plus some additional driver contract options (multi-year, buy-outs, reserve drivers, junior drivers, etc.) and all of this becomes a non-issue.
  20. This is super helpful and I just wanted to drop in here and say THANK YOU! I am in the latter half of my first season and while some changes are going to be fun, I do want to keep some semblance of reality. Cheers!
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