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  1. fredlev


    that is very annoying this behavior. My approach is to never start a fight and drive always clean. But I never accept clear unfair behavior where there is no doubt that its deliberate. I ever saw a guy who pass all the race going in wrong direction, just trying to ruin other people race.
  2. I'm also done with this game. Its a total mess. They should just reproduce the 2020 version and change car liveries and it would have been better. They broke every thing they touched.
  3. I play on XBox Series S and since patch 1.10, the multiplayer experience is totally broken. I think I was able to play only once since the patch that was suposed to fix multiplayer experience. What a rough start for that game and things are not improving... I play F1 2020 now.
  4. I think safety car is just to hard to manage for a lot of impatient drivers. A log of gamers think they can win a race when under safety car and get right behind you and hit you from behind. I can't count how many of my races has been ruined under safety car. I am really careful but sometimes you just can't do anything except praying to have a AI car behind you.
  5. I'm going back playing F1 2020 and it is a really better experience, more fun, less frustrating, etc. So I may come back using F1 2021 if all the multiplayer connection and stability problems are fixed, maybe never....
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