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  1. I will send the card back to the dealer to get a new one, it looks like the GPU is broken.
  2. Hi Barry, see thee screenshots of the Graphical Settings below and the new Files. Still the same issues with deactivated Async Cumpute (btw. it was "off" before) and Space Screen reflections. F1_2021_Files_1092021.7z
  3. Hi Barry, the files are attached. The following files are inside of the .zip file: dxdiag.txt , egodumper.log , hardware_settings_config.xml , hardware_settings_info.xml and the 3 crash_dumps. I hope it helps to fix the error otherwise I have to refund the game. F1_2021_Files.zip
  4. I deleted the hardware_settings_config.xml -> No changes I turned off the points with "false" -> No changes I reduced the mirror and screen space relefelction to the lowest -> No changes I set the whole grapic settings to "ultra low" -> No changes My System: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 32GB DDR4 RAM AMD Radeon 6800XT (No OC or undervolting) 750W PSU UWQHD Monitor So I could run the game twice at the same time without any issues and I play Cyberpunk 2077 on Ultra with RTX on, no crashes, no problems. I Tried a couple Display resolutions from Full HD (1920 x
  5. I changed the settings. I will test it now. Btw. It is not possible for me to lower the RTX Quality settings. "Medium" is the lowest I can get. Which driver should I update? My GPU Driver is the latest recommend version, as far as I know
  6. As you wish Barry 🙂 Btw. the Game crashed again while I tried to enter the Graphical Settings..
  7. I don't use Bitdefender, just Windows Defender. I play the Game in german, so I hope it's okay for you 🙂 I tried all Graphic Settings - from Low to max ; with and without RTX (Don't know if its possible to disable it) If I set the Screenmode to "full" the game will crash my whole OS, so that's why i'm using Full window Mode When the game Crashes:
  8. The game is not playable for me because it's crashing after 1 - 2 Minutes. It always crashes in the main menu or when the game needs to load some data (for example a track or the "my team" menu) or getting connected to the online services or in the Option menu. While loading the data I see the loading circle that stucks. The sound is still playing. After 3 - 5 Seconds I get the Dumper message. Report Code: EKHG-DBED-HVJS-HAVG Platform: PC Game-mode: all [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard.: MB: MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE W
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