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  1. Tested xbox series x exact same problem, F1 2020 telemetry works fine F1 2021 has no telemetry whatsoever. This thread still states awaiting info yet I have answered all the questions posed to me for more info. Anyone shed any light? Thanks Stewart
  2. Still no joy after reinstalling the game incase of any issues. I will try and test with xsx this week, but xbox one x still no telemetary date transmitting via udp Stewart
  3. Not yet will do today, does seem strange noone else has reported it yet. I do have an XSX but won't be on that for another week its at home I'm away at the moment. There is a XSS here but I have a disc game so no testing. Weird how the previous title 2020 works. Will report back later after I've gotten to test the update. Stewart OK update didn't fix anything, the xbox is still not transmitting UDP traffic from this game and I have verified that F1 2020 is still working fine and transmitting data as expected.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Xbox one x, no broadcast doesn't work , I have tried on track I was just in the garage to get the screen shot. Stewart
  5. I have enabled telemetry settings in the game but no UDP data is transmitting. I have previously used F1 2020 with the same settings with no issues. Version is 1.09.804195 on the menu screen yet in the manage game options on the xbox dash I have tested this on the solo grand prix mode with no joy at all, previous 2020 version works perfect in the same mode. This issue is constant every time I attempt with no special way to recreate other than play the grand prix mode from the solo tab. I have used several mobile apps which receive no data (f1 2020 game works fin
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