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  1. Hi all, enjoy my special video series today , all with British cars and British tracks ! Dirt 5 - Wreckfest - Forza Motorsport 7 - RaceRoom etc. Have fun and enjoy ! https://youtu.be/YifXa3H6Vh0 Visit my playlist to watch all the videos for today's special ! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRjIzTr-d8ZnvVVs3YLjPIzzxDe1RUFDR
  2. Hi all, I did my first experience now with the Taycan Turbo S at Dirt 5. It's driving very well, but that awful sound 🙉, I can't believe that real race fans can be happy with that. I mean it is good and necessary to do anything that protects the environment and for personal use electrified cars are one step to go ahead. But for race cars ? ok, let's support a V8 with an additional electric boost, but IMHO race cars should also be "heard", for me that's essential. What is your opinion about that ? i am curious what most of you think about this.
  3. Sim racers stay together ! It's the best way using your PC 👍 Today it's my Porsche day, driving the Taycan Turbo S for the first time.
  4. Hi all, I am loving the Green Hell, the most challenging race track in the world. For now I am using 4 different sim apps to race there and I have done a video to find out which is the best of them regarding driveability and graphics quality. Is there any app from Codemasters providing the Green Hell track or wich one do you prefer ? Thx a lot for your comments !
  5. Hi all, we all know that F1 2021 and its predecessors are really great games, but there are others that provide a wide range of cars, more or less reality feeling. Which one is your favorite ? I am playing the following : F1 2021, Dirt 5, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Forza Motorsport 7, GRID, Beam.NG, rFactor2, KartKraft, Wreckfest If you like to compare one of those with your favorite or just want to see it in 4k/60fps please visit my channel on YT, containing nearly 200 videos now, growing every day ! https://www.youtu
  6. Hi all, I am a passionate Sim Racer since decades. Started in the early '90s I have played nearly every racing app that was released since then, started with an Apple II and now playing all those fantastic games in 4k on my high end PC equipped with RTX 3080 and Intel I9-10900X Processor. I am very please to present you my Youtube channel where you will also find a lot of videos from Codemasters games incl. F1 2021 and Dirt 5. Here's an example from Dirt 5 presenting the new Wild Spirits Career : I would be very glad to see you as a visitor on
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