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  1. My worked fine throughout Braking Point, I'm having multiple crashing playing My Team. No issues since having the game since July release, it has only started recently. I was up to season 5 and the first crash lost all my dat and took me back midway through season 2.
  2. I have the same problem, I mainly play the My Team and I was into season 5 with no issues. About a week ago after playing since the release in July it crashed just as I finished a race in My Team. The Xbox series X shutdown and when I rebooted it took my game back to midway through season 2. Since then it crashes just about every time I play and lose saved data, even data that was saved from a few days ago. I'm now at the point where I no longer want to play the game which is gutting as I love playing it. Don't know if it an issue with the Xbox series X or the F1 2021? I don't have any issues
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