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  1. I have the issue that my throttle is over sensitive at the beginning of online lobbies in the first session. No matter if FP, Q or Race.. always the first seconds of the first session in the lobby. After some seconds it goes back working as usual. But impossible to do a race start with this issue if you just wanna race with some dudes. Someone else with the same issue?
  2. The fact that this issue exists for some poeple since release is horrible and not even acceptable. As I was thinking to upgrade to a Fanatec wheel for a time I decided to do it now. I guess CM would pay my bill in case of forcing me to take this step by being unable to fix the issues on TM wheels? 😉
  3. Still issues with FFB loss. Funny thing today during a lobby race 3 friends with the t300rs had exact the same issues at the same time. This is ridiculous platform: PlayStation 5
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