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  1. It got a bit better when switching router from a Netgear Nighthawk r7800 to a UniFi Dream Machine (and open up NAT which I found impossible on the r7800). At least I can join most sessions now but the Social browsing does still not update. Many session that do not work and do not update after a refresh of that list. How could there not be warnings in the game if you do not have an open NAT connection? I googled this issue and stumbled upon the NAT problems. There are probably many that have problems due to their NAT settings but there is no information in the game that it could be the culprit.
  2. So I managed to take a few screenshots to explain what I mean: This is the lobby today. My suggestion is that we move all settings here, may that be tyre selection, standings or whatever, and keep press OK to confirm race start as it is today. When you leave the lobby you get into this menu where you can change tyre for Q. Remove the menu and move it to lobby. When Q is done you get into this menu. Remove, put in lobby instead. After that this menu appears. Remove "Advance" and replace with a countdown or something. Like 5 secon
  3. I'll see if I can take a few screenshots of the things that I think is unnecessary and can be handled in a better way later tonight.
  4. 2. I mean that it should be a new feature. Just move any settings that you can do to your setup to the lobby instead so people won't spend time with that when everyone else is waiting for OSQ or race to start. I think the menu is something like attached image.
  5. I understand that this could be a controversial topic but I would like Short races (5 laps) to be removed from Ranked mode. The main reason for this is the fact that very few people play online and splitting the player base into two different modes doesn't make it any better. Today we have "Short" and "Standard" where "Standard" isn't even the standard ranked mode option ;) But the format with one pit stop and pretty short session time is very much perfect for ranked where the 5 lap version is way more suitable for casual social play. Until crossplay is a thing I do not see how ranked would wo
  6. If it were up to me I would do something like: 1. Leave confirmation in Lobby as it is. Everyone need the press OK or wait until time ends for it to begin. Just as it is today. 2. Move all changes you can do before qualify or race to the lobby. If you want to do changes to your setup you can do that in the lobby when waiting. 3. Once session starts, bring people straight to Q. No menu to go through. 4. Once everyone has qualified: Go straight to race. No changes required to fuel management or tyre setup since you did that already in the lobby. 5. On race end: Show standings/podium fo
  7. In every step in any online mode everyone have to press OK. May it be confirm to join the game, confirm qualifying to start, confirm race to start or confirm race end. This adds so much waiting time since everyone need to press OK for the game to proceed and far from everyone does that. Could we please remove a few of them at least for a smoother online experience?
  8. Joining online play on Series X is nearly impossible. I've tried Social and Ranked. Ranked is quite hard to test since there are so few playing it. Sometimes it work, sometimes it doesn't. I don't see any errors but most of the time the game gets stuck in trying to join session loading screen. This happens 9 out of 10 times in social. Browsing available sessions is nearly impossible since the list does not update at all even if you force it too. Yesterday I saw multiple sessions that did not update for hours and joining them would cause the loading screen to just stuck and not progress further
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