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  1. K4YY

    1.10 handling?

    The biggest difference I felt is that the curbs a way less deadlier than they used to be before. I can tackle T2, T7+8 in spain without any problems. Hungary is pretty much the same. Due to understeer the speed in mid and high speed corners are reduced, and I'm ok with that. FFB isn't that precise anymore, at least that's what I felt. It's not a major problem for me, I changed the sensitivity in the fanatec settings and it's ok for now.
  2. Well done Codemasters! It was pure joy to ride the portugiese rollercoaster. Though I still got major traction issues in turn 8 it's still an awesome track to drive. I hope it's possible to keep such tracks within the game in the future. Please do your best to at least try it. 😀
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