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  1. Hello, fellow racers. If anyone still has problems with Monaco, do not worry. I have found a way to get through the track way easier and faster. I tested the setup in three ways: I first tested it with a Red Bull (EQ Performance) in Time Trial, then I tested it with an Alpine (Real Performance) in GP Mode, and now I recently tested it with a maxxxed My Team Car. Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that the AI remains overpowered like crazy, and even more infuriating is the fact that EA will never address and fix this problem. But, I'm not here for that today. I want
  2. This is just a minor ordeal, but I hope Codies will take a note of this. You see, every time I finish a race and view the Highlight Reel, the My Team car has a lot of duplicates from sponsors, while others are completely missing. For example - I put decals on the car in the following positions: Primary: Positions 1, 6, and 10 Secondary 1: Positions 2 and 7 Secondary 2: Positions 3 and 8 Secondary 3: Positions 4 and 11 Secondary 4: Positions 5 and 9 And most of the time, the My Team car shows no signs of the 3rd and 4th secondary sponsor anyhow, m
  3. Yes, so many amazing decals, so much available potential, so many ways to add content, but Codies will never get to do it. Why? Because EA says 'No'.
  4. My Team is definetly the far better mode. And considering you can set up so many things, it's just as easy as in the previous game to build a car that can destroy all other teams with ease. It will not be the overall best if max upgraded, so keep that in mind. I actually don't like Driver Career that much. I mean, sure, you can become a part of the official F1 Elite and drive alongside drivers like Giovinazzi, Alonso, Leclerc or Hamilton, but the main reason why I don't like Driver Career is that resource points are very limited compared to the cost of upgrades, and if those upgrades fail
  5. I agree with the guys saying that ABS off is faster. I have seen lots and lots of videos in which people running no ABS just fire the car through tough turns as if they didn't exist. And also, many eSports players don't run ABS too, so I don't see how ABS should make your time better. Sure, it's easier to drive with ABS on, but being faster like this? I highly doubt it.
  6. That's not true. I have been playing F1 games myself, and while yes, it is easier to drive with ABS, I have seen loads of videos in which people don't run any assists at all, and they fire the car way faster around a turn than I do. I'd say it's the setup which increases the ABS effectiveness, and if you get it pinpoint correct, you can race through turns just as fast as a no ABS driver, but no ABS is still faster in my book. 😉 Now that would be unfair, and it would make the entire game a lot harder to play and less accessible for those like me who do run some assists or for those who
  7. That would be nice, because I'm awful at making custom setups. And literally the only things Jeff says about the setup is when he mentions troublesome oversteer (increase rear downforce, soften rear springs, increase toe-in, increase negative camber) and heavy understeer (increase front downforce, soften front springs).
  8. Thank EA for that. They rushed out the game before Codies even got to finish it. 😞 Honestly, I'm also thinking about dropping down to 50-55 from 60, because in most tracks like Monaco and Zandvoort, the AI basically rips me apart, and there's nothing I can do... 😭
  9. That's 100% a lie. I remember a tip from a game called Forza 6, where a tip said: "Using ABS, you can turn while braking. However, this increases your braking distance." I also know from experience in Codemasters's previous titles like F1 2020 that ABS works better than no ABS, but I think it's the setup that increases the effectiveness further. So while a standard preset plus ABS is clearly slower, a good setup tinkerer can utilize a pinpoint perfect setup to use ABS to their advantage. I don't know if you tinker around with your setups or if you play with controller or wheel, but i
  10. I would like to see that as well. A sponsor like Wranhawk would have a primary sponsor target like "Score 500 CWC Points", and Savabour would have a secondary sponsor target like "Win a Race". Exotiger would have the secondary target "Perfect all Practice Programs". Plenty of opportunities for Codies to add content to My Team, in case EA lets them do it! All I can say is, let's hope for the best, and see if Codies reads it. 🙂
  11. First of all, I know this has nothing to do with F1 2021, but I want to bring this up to hear other people's opinions on it. Many people say that F1 2021 is awful, and that's because it is. And you know what they do? They make up an F1 title in their mind, a game they dream about, and that's what I do. My dream F1 title has the following things: V10 powered cars F1 2020's handling, with the cars being way faster than in said game (230+ mph in Monza tbp) Nürburgring, Hanoi and Jeddah in the race calendar Melbourne as Round 1 All drivers from the 2020 se
  12. If there is a setup for Zandvoort, I'm gonna try it in Time Trial and see if it works. If it does, I'll try it in Season 6 of My Team. And if that works as well, I might think about copy-pasting these setups for Season 7 (I am trash at making good setups in F1) and try playing on a difficulty higher than 60.
  13. I already know that. But that would hardly be a challenge if I play everything on 0, 20 or 40. How would you know? If EA didn't rush out the game, maybe Codemasters would've had enough time to implement the three new tracks, work on handling and AI, as well as on this year's F2 championship. Codies cares about community, EA cares about money. It's just a fact. 😉
  14. I usually run 60 AI on a controller on Xbox One. And in what way the AI is hard to beat? Well, give me a Zandvoort setup in which I can take the two fast right-handers at the start of Sector 2, on Hard Tires, at full throttle, without spinning out. Or give me a Monaco setup in which I can just race through Sectors 1 and 3 with ease, without losing the rear end. And in Catalunya and Melbourne, the AI isn't fast per se, but more aggressive than anything.
  15. If anyone at Codemasters reads this, read it thoroughly, okay? So, here's the deal: The new update that features the Jeddah Circuit is amazing, and during my first race yesterday with Hamilton's Mercedes, I found out that it's an amazing track to drive, and I can't wait to see the IRL Race in December. However, there is one very crucial thing that still bugs me until this day... This one thing that still makes the game bad, is... THE AI. Many people may still not believe me, but in so many tracks like Monaco, Catalunya, Melbourne, and ESPECIALLY Zandvoort, the AI is insane
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