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  1. Exactly. I once made a suggestion that in the 2022 game, Codies should use the real life times as a benchmark for 100 difficulty, and scale the time for lower or higher levels, maybe approx. 0.150s per level, so that on say 80 difficulty, the AI are 3 seconds slower compared to 100. By using this in say Monaco, if the fastest quali lap is a 1:10 sth. on 100, it's a 1:13 sth. on 80. 😉 Well, if you say Codies have free reign on what they do, let's see if the EA SPORTS logo is no longer present in the intro. If it's just in the copyright, it's fine with me. 😤 Maybe that's true, bu
  2. Hello everyone, how are you doing? There's something I have to say, and I want you guys to read it first before you say something about it. Given that some people still think that F1 2021 is a good game, I honestly have to add my thoughts to it and why I say it's not. One main reason why I think F1 2021 is not good, is the undeniable fact that EA had their hands in this. Everyone who knows at least a tiny bit about publisher/developer relationships will know this is true. That said, they're the main reason for the cars being impossible to drive, the AI being stupid OP in several trac
  3. Sure. Just become Driver World Champion, and you're eligible to run #1 next season.
  4. Finally someone who realises that it was EA's doing of ruining the game, since as publishers, they have the power over Codemasters, and therefore F1. It's true, F1 2020 is the far superior F1 game, since it's a pure Codemasters game, and nobody can deny it. In fact, I'd say F1 2021 is the absolute worst F1 game ever made. And before anyone dislikes the post out of habit to protect EA, why don't you play F1 2021 and see for yourself what an awful game it is? 😕
  5. Well, the game does give you some hints about creating your setup, but only some, sadly. Jeff says, if you suffer from oversteer, it usually means you have to soften your rear suspension, raise the rear wing or adjust the rear camber and toe setting. And if you understeer, it means you should either soften your front suspension or raise the front wing because the tire doesn't have enough contact with the track. That's all I know, though. And even so, you'd have to find a suitable setup on the internet if you're not skilled with that.
  6. 1. Definetly. The AI in F1 2020 is much easier overall compared to the 2021 game. To be more precise, if you have a great setup for Monaco, you can easily win with an uncompetitive My Team vehicle on Expert difficulty, whereas in 2021, even with the best setup, Expert AI wipes the floor with you on several tracks. 2. Yes, they can. For Legaues, I think you'd have to make the League private. As for the AI, yes. Just add all possible AI drivers to fill up 20 spots. 3. Save for liveries, I don't think so. 4. Haven't seen any of those myself, but I know that in 2021, if there is a S
  7. It's all setup work. If you are into custom setups, you can make any car competitive on higher difficulties like Expert and Master.
  8. Hello everyone, no chit-chat about AI or any other issues this time. This time around, I have something very interesting to ask, and I don't know what is up on your end. As you may be aware, Nikita Mazepin in the Haas is probably the worst driver in the grid, always trailing the pack by a huge margin, getting lapped in several races, etc. But yesterday, during the 2027 Russian GP (2027 because Season 7) in My Team, the impossible, the incredible happened. I just entered Lap 4, and all of a sudden, the Safety Car popped up after Gasly spun around and held up some drivers. And Mazepin
  9. I am serious, if this becomes a thing, F1 is dead to me. Also, there already is F1 Clash, which is more or less the same.
  10. @WigglyStyle Do you have a better idea? 😡
  11. In 2021? Well, I have lots of candidates for this infamous spot: Imola, but for kinda the wrong reason. In some cases, I just can't seem to get the driving line or setup right, and when I see the AI swerve through some of those tough turns, I always feel like I'm losing a lot of time. Catalunya, but also for a wrong reason. It's not the AI or the track layout per se, but I just can't get a perfect run on this track for 17 laps, and one mistake simply ends my race. Monaco. The drifty handling model combined with overpowered AI and insane damage effects from a miniscule fract
  12. Was it a 50% race in Hungary? If so, I have seen this case happening that one driver goes for a 2 stop, and it just had to be your teammate. I won't say names, but they're in S6 right now, with Michael Schumacher as their teammate, and he did the 2 stop, whereas the player went for a Soft/Medium Strategy. Everyone else went for Soft/Hard.
  13. Now that you mention it, I once thought of something to give My Team and Driver Career more spicing to it - being able to buy the upgrades you have on your car 3 times, increasing performance and cost every time you buy it. By strategically using this to your advantage, you might have a very dominant car once regulation changes hit one or two teams very hard, and this might make the mode a lot better in my book.
  14. If anyone at Codemasters reads this, take this advice to heart: If you recall F1 2020, the My Team car was the best vehicle in the grid, because it has superior aero. Chassis was always on one level if it was maxed for all teams, and Powertrain and Durability pretty much depended on the engine supplier you picked. Now in F1 2021, the My Team Car has such awful aero, so that maxed out it's only 3rd in the field, making the car only the 2nd best overall, which shouldn't be the case. This once again shows that someone at EA or one of you wanted Verstappen to be World Champion. Why else
  15. I get you. If I recall correctly, back in F1 2020, there are no Personnel boosts for AI teams in My Team Career, only for your team, which keeps the performance of drivers from AI teams nice and consistent. Only way to improve their speed is upgrading the car, but that's it. Sure, drivers improving over the course of a few seasons is realistic, but so far, the only driver who made MASSIVE improvements is Verstappen. Nerfing the boost would destroy the experience and would make me rather play Driver Career. Perez: Supposedly OP. - Verstappen: Dominating every race with any car (save for
  16. I guess with a perfect setup for F2 Monaco, Expert difficulty isn't much of a challenge too. But needless to say, what I'm trying to get at is that F2 is far more fun in this game than F1. 😄
  17. Hello everyone, I don't know if it's just me and my typical terrible luck with EA games, but one thing I noticed when playing F2 in F1 2021, is that the AI in said class are A LOT slower. I remember trying Monaco recently on 71 difficulty, and believe it or not, but I actually kept up with the AI, and Monaco was far more comfortable to drive compared to when I try it in F1. In F1, the AI legit DESTROYS ME in Monaco, and F2 is a way more chilled and relaxed experience. Why can't it also be like that in F1? You can't tell me that from season to season, Monaco gets harder and harder to
  18. That's normal. It will probably unlock once the next Podium Pass launches. 😊
  19. It would be cooler if the Formation Lap is performed under Safety Car Conditions, like no overtaking, time penalty for collision, stop-and-go for overtaking, because this was a rare occasion in real life. British GP 1994 anyone?
  20. Hello everyone, I don't know if any of you thought of this idea already, but here is something I came up with on my own yesterday. What Codemasters could try regarding AI for F1 2022, is, they could take the times from Qualifying and Race, and train the AI to hit those on 100 difficulty. Then, scale those times for lower difficulties, like -1 level equals an approx. 0.150s slower lap time from the AI, which means if you play on 80, they would be approx. 3 seconds slower per lap. The other way around, if you go higher than 100, every level improves their lap time by the said amount.
  21. Hello everyone, I guess everyone who started Driver/2P Career in F1 2021 several times will pretty much have this statement from Will Buxton in their head: "But with the cars at their disposal being very similar to the cars they had at their disposal last year..." The thing is, this statement is wrong, because if that was true, the setups from F1 2020 would still work. But since they don't, there clearly must've been several regulation changes that massively affect the handling of the vehicles, either less tire grip for all compounds, changes to the wings which massively affect rear
  22. I would definetly appreciate it for the next update, and I know which driver's rating will be changed first on my end. 😈
  23. Hey there, no poll this time, but I still want your opinion on something. This time, it's about your personal top 3 of F1 games. Write it in a reply, I'm keen to see what your top 3 are. Here are my preferred top 3: F1 2015. Most people will NOT understand this decision, but to be fair, this F1 game differs so much from its successors. The AI is weaker, the cars need to be driven more tactical, it has two seasons in one (it has the 2014 season included), Jeff is way more informative than in all successors, the soundtrack is totally awesome, and so many more reasons... I know,
  24. I won't say names, but a German F1 player, who is in the 2nd half of his 6th season of My Team, said the following after suffering an engine failure in the Spanish GP: (roughly translated from German) "Why the heck is only one AI driver... unbeatable, but just one and none other, why? Why? Why can't that also be Leclerc in the Ferrari that's almost as powerful as the Red Bull? [...] Or Sainz? Why? Why has it been Verstappen, that you normally can't beat, for 4 seasons? [...] You can't be serious, really!" I have to admit, what this guy said is so true. Whether in GP or Career Mode, Versta
  25. Of course I did. I really liked the story around Aiden Jackson and Casper Akkerman. And after the ending sequence, I was already certain that Braking Point 2 would be a thing in the next game. Like I said, it's all the decision of Codemasters whether they want to continue this or not, so all we can do is wait and hope. 😉
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