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  1. I am someone who suffers from photosensitivity. While I love F1 2021, it is very hard for me to play for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time. The camera shake in F1 2021, even with all camera shake and movement set to 0 in game, is SEVERE. Cockpit cam seems to have the worst camera shake, it actually gives me headaches, nausea and dizziness after a short period.

    I'm here to ask the developers to improve the in-game "disable camera shake" option. In F1 2020 and I think even earlier games it was possible using an ERP Archiver to go into the camera files and manually edit "Lateral slip shake, wheel lock up shake, wheel spin shake, and surface based shake" camera settings. Changing those to false would completely remove the camera shake and allow me to play the game.  That is not possible in F1 2021.  I have seen other players that have similar issues with the camera shake in F1 2021. Please consider fixing this either in game or give us back the ability to manually fix it. Sim Racing is for everyone, but given the current situation with screen shake, myself and others are unable to play the game.

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