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  1. Same here on PS4. First win 332k points. Second win 0 points. Leaderboard 0 Points. If only one attempt should bei possible. Codemaster should stop any other try. To cancel points it is not customer friendly. Codemaster should give back the Points for the valid attempt
  2. Maybe only the first valid attempt counts. Anyway would be great to know the requirements and rules before improving the first valid attempt, ending with zero points on the leaderboard...
  3. Ah okay. Thanks for your information, this could be possible, like in the main grand prix quali event. Multiple tries allowed in the past for the weekly event. You earn XPs for every new try but no points... 😁😂 Would be great to know such thinks in the future, before trying again. At least a short notice or alert that you have only one valid try and any additional try will cancel your points. This make the weekly event useless for me, one try the whole week...
  4. Weekly Event Monza broken. No more points anymore after improving previous try. Achieved 330k, all other tries 0 Points won the race but no points
  5. Yesterday accomplished 332.000 Points on the weekly Event. Tried today again and suddenly my Points we're cancelled. 0 Points on the leadboard. Codemaster pleased bring back my points on the leaderboard
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