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  1. @BarryBL We had some issues last night in our league race: Australia PC / Steam 20 Users, Social Lobby Issue: Stream/host lost all timing info for a period. Also had issues with one car dissapearing from the track then re-appearing (no red X). Also a number of drivers reported game crashes (for what thats worth). Screen grab and Twitch video below: https://clips.twitch.tv/MuddyFaintCougarKAPOW-0ZOm__ANvtgbiAy9
  2. Hi @BarryBL does the team have enough info to replicate this issue now? Or are you still seeking more data points? Can you also please provide an update re the likelihood of a fix for this soon?
  3. @BarryBL Last night was epically bad. Our league race had everything, multiple RedX drivers, a car backwards in the pit, another car sitting in the pit for over a minute waiting for an invisible car to clear his pit box. Cars jumping around the standings and showing as +5 laps back when they were on the lead lap. Finally the safety car came out, and stayed out... forever. We had to call the race after sc was still going after 10 laps. Platform: PC (Steam), Social Lobby, Host was a spectator (streaming), Australia, all drivers in Australia, 16 Drivers Host's Stream / Report Code: EC
  4. +1 to this thread. The Red X issue is recurring and not tied to host. Also seems random as to who is redX'ed for you. Can you please elaborate for me how to get the session code? Can I get it from a saved replay?
  5. @BarryBL Thanks mate for the update, we appreciate all your hard work. Just a note though, the primary desync issue we see is not specific to the host. Last night (PC, Social Private lobby for our league race), I was shown driving round the track half a lap back from my actual position. Other cars could interact with my 'desynced clone', it could cause them to crash etc. Only about half the league could see my clone, the other half could see real me. I am in the same city as the host, but i was not the host. This is a recurring issue, it is common now to have one or two drivers o
  6. PC League race, Monday night 27/9/21, 7pm AEST. We had 2 safety cars on the track at the same time, half a lap apart, both enforcing the no-passing rules etc. Also had a driver's car lapping half a lap behind his actual position, visible to half the grid. Was the Server maintenance on Monday to address this at all?
  7. Yeah desyncs are a huge blocker to league play. Making league races almost unplayable, seems much worse since the port patch.
  8. Desync issues in League races are becoming more common. Last race (PC, Social lobby, hosted in Australia, all drivers in Australia), we had incidents where individual cars were invisible to other cars, but still able to interact / cause penalties. Evidence: https://youtu.be/cR9fZ5sScjA Note the Redbull in P5 takes out the Ferrari in P6 The Redbull reported that the Ferrari was invisible to him. In this video from the Redbull perspective in P5 you can see that is correct (https://youtu.be/H5WvbPcGXIA), the Ferrari is not visible in his mirrors, and is not in P6 for him, the Haas so
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