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  1. Platform: Xbox Country: Germany Place where error was encountered: Events Kind of error: We found a discrepancy between a local save and Racenet on your career progress and are resetting you current championship Third time its happened in 2 weeks since buying the game, first time reporting. Should have refunded this like I did with Dirt 4 for its racenet fail.
  2. I've been playing the game on Xbox for a couple of weeks and have experienced this forced progress reset three times with Rallycross. What is the fix? I see many reports of this problem on Reddit and Steam going right back to release but none on this forum.
  3. Is there any tuning sharing resource for Xbox? I can see the tuning setups on Steam but without the game on Steam I can't access them. Codemasters also disabled anonymous access to the setups on Steam. Can't even post on Steam because you need the game to do so.. I need screenshots if possible
  4. Same, bought for xbox yesterday, found lack of RaceNet functionality, put in a refund request today.
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