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  1. Yeah, my difficulty was on 61 I think.
  2. I’m not sure where I was driving like a clown. Yeah, I was off the racing line, I made an overtake in gap well off the line. But, the AI did something completely unpredictable.
  3. So my issue is it isn’t rare and it isn’t always Mazepin level AI. I have had Hamilton and Bottas AI do the same thing. I made a little drawing (forgive the quality of the lines I did it on my IPhone). The left is what the AI does almost consistently for me, the right is what I would say is acceptable. The blue is my line, red is AI.
  4. I shouldn’t have to avoid a collision from a car that is more 50%, heck more that 75% behind me. It simply doesn’t make sense. I understand it’s code, but there are plenty of games out there where the AI recognizes players location. I held my line, but I was on that line ahead of and before the AI. The AI moved right, completely ignoring my existence, and literally pushed into my car. I would be okay if we had a little wheel to wheel contact and then the AI reacted and didn’t push. But no, the AI contacted my car, then continued to push right into my car. I could’ve moved wide and the AI would
  5. I shouldn’t have spin my camera back to see the AI when I have mirrors. I can see the AI clearly drive straight into me with zero regard for where I am in the mirror. That’s dumb. I shouldn’t have to move right to react to a car that is more that 50% behind me, that’s also dumb. A real human driver, a good human real player wouldn’t do that. But the AI just continues the racing line even if it mean driving through the player. If we are talking about making the AI as challenging and as life like as possible, Codemasters failed miserably.
  6. My issue is this, you just gave the code and the coders and excuse. I have to realize I’m racing AI and not a human. The coders COULD have and SHOULD have coded the AI to recognize a players positioning. But instead, the AI just follows a line to the death with no regard for where the player is. The AI could be 1000% better if it was just as challenging, but also detected the player positioning and didn’t just crash. I saw the HAAS in my left mirror, watch the left mirror. It just drives into me.
  7. I agree the AI is great in this game, but even F1 2019 AI didn’t do this. The AI in 2019 would react and respond to player positioning and wouldn’t do that. I didn’t play 2020 enough to talk about it.
  8. I would also like to point out that the AI never receives penalties for contact. I have had the AI straight slam into the back of me as I am breaking. Not softly either, with extreme, Rocket League level force, sending me flying off the track. But I get the penalty for contact? How TF is that a thing?
  9. I don’t want passive AI, but no way ever in the history of ever would one driver just continuously drive over into another to the point of spinning. I was way more than 50% ahead of the HAAS. I expect it to give me a challenge, but to just drive over straight into me and continuously push against me? No. I have had the AI push against me, I pull away wide, then they close the distance and push further against me again to the point I have no track. The AI in this game is completely broken. It might be an issue specific to multiplayer career because that is what I was playing.
  10. Now I realize I didn’t have the superior line in my video. But that doesn’t excuse the AI from just moseying over into me as I kept a straight line. That’s just dumb.
  11. But, as a avid watcher of real world F1, the FIA has very strict rules set on things like this. In the real world, it is the responsibility of the drivers to give up positioning to the driver with the superior line and give space. If you want to attack with the inferior line, you can, but you have to give space in order to avoid a crash. No way would the crash in my video occur normally. The AI should’ve given the space and didn’t.
  12. So in this video, clearly I am off the racing line as I head toward the next turn. I am rejoining the racing line as it approaches my line, and Mazepin, who I passed is on the line. But he just holds the racing line, even though I am passed him. Mazepin just moves right into my left rear, spinning me, instead of avoiding the collision. IMG_2596.MOV
  13. You say while you stay on the ideal line. So you crash with the AI, while you’re on the ideal line. To me that means the AI should be giving up the positioning, instead of pushing you off the line, like the drivers are supposed to do in real life.
  14. The AI in this game completely ignores player positioning. I can be following the racing line, and the AI will aggressively push into me and won’t give up until the AI forces me to spin out. It happens all the time, the AI will even push into me during cornering. It’s like the AI isn’t programmed to recognize player location and just goes for the racing line no matter what.
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