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  1. Cheers, now I can keep Mazepin from leaving daddy's team because let's face it Haas is essentially Uralkali Racing. Stroll has at least proven he deserves a seat in F1, I'm not convinced though that he'll be capable of playing that Bottas role, for that reason I think he'll be the reason Aston Martin don't quite win a Contructors Championship.
  2. What are the work arounds in My Team? I'm getting tired of seeing things like Leclerc losing his seat in F1 completely only for Ferrari to bring in Mazepin as his replacement. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. I managed to fluke signing Gasly halfway through my first season. By the start of the second season, he has been consistently challenging for good points in a car that had no right to be there. So much so, I expect him to be challenging for wins soon. I've tried Russell & Schumacher Jr. but surprisingly Gasly is the best value in terms of ability and cost.
  4. It's a shame they removed the metallic areas from this livery to be honest as it was a favourite of mine on last year's edition.
  5. I'm not gonna lie, It felt like such a dirty money grabbing tactic making us purchase a livery that we'd already purchased/unlocked on F1 2020. If these liveries were always going to be carried over then they should have been available to those who had already gotten them on F1 2020, should have gotten them for free on F1 2021. Surely I'm not the only one?
  6. This was what I'd expected when I saw decals in the podium pass or at least I'd expected them to act as standard sponsors. For those who don't play online, these decals are pointless and only serve to take up a slot that could have been a new helmet design. I'm not impressed with liveries being reused in F1 2021 that we're in 2020, it's dirty expecting people to pay real cash to buy them through the store or again, taming up a podium pass slot. I believe if these liveries were always going to be carried over to the new game then if somebody had already unlocked a livery on 2020, then it s
  7. For those who don't play online, the decals that you either buy through the store or unlock via podium pass are somewhat pointless. It'd be great if you could use these decals as personal sponsors in My Team, they don't have to offer anymore in terms of a cash boost but it would offer a wider range of visuals for your car.
  8. Wheel to wheel battle with Kimi Räikkönen.
  9. Team name: Lamborghini SC-F1 Engine: Honda Teammate: Callum Illot/Jenson Button Season: 1 Liveries used: Frostfire (Illoy)/Devon Butler livery (Button) Lamborghini SC-F1 have had quite a mixed first season being plagued with reliably issues during the first half of the season but then becoming an established midfield by the end of the season with a 5th place finish in the Constructors Championship after a strong end to the season for the Team Principal and driver, Roberts. Hopes were high for further improvement in the 2nd season until a huge regulation cha
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