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  1. Can't change my Powerunits on the [+]-Symbol. It's still "pending" when i need it. Time in practice is running out for like 7 minutes, got penalty but it won't change. Please fix. ^^
  2. Hello, i got a really big issue due the engine durability in MyTeam-Career. I can't change the power units on the [+]-symbol. If i want to do that, it tolds me that i'll get a penalty for it but it is not build in but i need it to drive. In F1 2020 i can change everything i want and how often i want but now in 2021 i can change it only change it when the units failed [reach 100% Limit] and i'm out of the race. I think that should be fixed 'cause it's not part of the game to drive everytime in the backround of the field and do not own money because your car is to slow and your engine
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