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  1. As the title suggests, I wish I could use like in real F1, more type of tire Like "ultra soft" purple tires obviously I think that would lead to a rebalancing of the tires
  2. if ever they could do it, it would allow me to finally practice Q3-Q2-Q1 rather than just 18min qualifying that would be really great
  3. Got the same thing, my whole early career was ... strange haas scores points mercedes latest with redbull william behind haas but since the last updates and that the season is well launched, the trend is reversed, the classification is "respected" (mercedes / redbull / ferrari / mc laren)
  4. Red flag could be very nice ! Restart the race after a big crash 😄 About the fault in the pit-lane, HOW MANY TIMES has someone walked out of the stands on me! Fortunately this turns my car into a "ghost" thus avoiding any damage, but it should not happen!
  5. I agree Have got same problem in career mode, AI are too much aggressive, even when we pass an overtaking, they will dive bomb like morons without taking care of the damage (which they will hardly have unlike us) 😞 Maybe if they could take more damage, they will be less tempted to push / run into us
  6. I agree You can change lot of rules in the options, why are we not able to change the fuel management ? ^^
  7. I loved when Jeff said "IT IS RAINING IN 10-15min !" 1 turn later *it's raining* THANKS JEFF !! Or when he said you have to pit to change your tires, 10s after he said "ok your tires are ok you can continue" weeeeelllllllllllll xD sometimes Jeff clearly lacks precision lmao it could be nice to get level with it would be nice to have engineer development levels to be more precise and efficient
  8. We need this ! This could help lot of people to build a nice setup of their cars
  9. A My Team Co-op mode 😍🥰 WE NEED IT Career co-op mode is not enough !
  10. Yup we need more race analysis data 🥰
  11. That's true, i'm doing 50% and that's not enough, but 100% is too much ... 😞 Lot of times, IA are doing 2 pit at 50%, but my friend and i could just do 1 pit Maybe with 75% we'll have to do 2 pit, and we'll not have to play a 100% race (that's too long for us) I hope they will see your post and do it !
  12. Well... I'm sorry but all videos on youtube // twitch i can see, or when i'm looking my friends plays, without assistance they are better ! Their are videos who speak about it (how many second you win when you off assistance) with assistance you cannot use 100% of your F1 (break and throttle for exemple) When i off the throttle assistance, i can do -1.5 second at every turn ! So i don't understand how you can think people with assistance are better 🤔
  13. I wanted to suggest some important things to myself and of my friends too That's very nice to have a career mode in coop, but where is a my team mode in coop ? Career mode does not allow us to manage everything (the tires, the infrastructures, the delivered with the sponsors, the development of the team, etc ...) So it would be really great to be able to manage a full co-op mode (my team) and not just a career second suggestion : more race analysis data in the world of F1, there are all kinds of data, you can have details on everything and comparisons with other drivers in the sa
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