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  1. Description: Some inputs, especially downshifts, are dropped, leading to inconsistent and unpredictable cornering. This issue is most noticeable in slow corners after straights (dropping from 8 to 2, for instance), where one or two downshift inputs are lost; when the downshift input is lost, steering also resets to neutral. It occurs most frequently when shifting during heavy braking. I've only experienced it in My Team, but in fairness I've only played My Team outside a brief period to calibrate the wheel. PC/Steam, with a Thrustmaster TS-PC base/458 Italia rim. Drivers and firmware
  2. I can't answer this poll because AI difficulty is so wildly different from track to track and session to session that it's practically random. Changing difficulty by +10 at Canada produced a four-second swing in AI lap times. I was literally going from being a second faster per lap than Hamilton to being behind the Haases by a similar margin. What the heck am I supposed to do with that?
  3. Consistent AI track to track is one (or at the very least being able to adjust the AI). MyTeam progression is another -- I don't know that I've ever heard someone say that the car feels good to drive in season 5+. In terms of much more minor things, when pit assists are turned on and you enter the pit lane, you can't adjust pit stop settings. Which means that if you have front wing replacement disabled but lose it as you enter the pit for one reason or other, you're stuck.
  4. I have similar problems on a Thrustmaster TS-PC, though only when downshifting. It's not as severe as what others have posted here, but corners at the end of straights become pretty frustrating -- it's hard to go from 8 to 2 while managing position and traffic when one or two of the downshifts won't take.
  5. I am 100% with you here. I know it's the way things have always been done, but I hate it.
  6. After the second or third race of my season, I got two interview questions. Both were about my teammate, who qualified in P21 and finished P18 after three mechanical DNFs ahead of him. The first question was "how did your teammate manage to over-perform so much today?" and the second was "why did your teammate under-perform so much today?". I dunno! I guess we're in the third act of Loki and all the timelines are just running together?
  7. I don't mind the programs; it's the limited number of practice sessions without being able to change difficulty. It's literally three strikes and you're out of time. It incentivizes trying to find a safe, easy difficulty rather than challenging yourself.
  8. Especially true when you have the difficulty at x. Then you go to a new track, and x is way too low. So session 1 is pointless. Then you raise it to y, but y is still too low. So session 2 is still pretty pointless for measuring race difficulty, and you've already used two of the three.
  9. Sorry -- I realize that's unclear and confusing. What I meant was that Bahrain is, as I understand it, a track where the AI is relatively slow compared to the player, that it's a track where you'd usually race on a higher difficulty relative to Spain, for example, to get the right balance.
  10. I completely agree, especially as someone playing an F1 game for essentially the first time, and on a wheel for the first time. Starting MyTeam and going into the first race, I guessed at like 40 difficulty. I was way quicker than my teammate, so I turned it up. Then I turned it up again. Then I qualified fourth, so I turned it up again. I went into the first race at 73 difficulty and was comfortably in 7th before getting a mechanical DNF five laps from the end. That was Bahrain, which as I understand it is a slow track. I didn't change the difficulty for race two in Portimao. I th
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