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  1. So now you dont care... Just look at this top 60 Leaderboard of Canada and tell me that, that many ABS users are normal?! In the Game ABS doesnt work like it works in the real world. And thats why the problem is that it makes you go the same speed or even faster than you can go without it. Last game you would see close to none in the top 200. 1719922678_F120212021_09.26-21_51_24_02_DVR.mp4
  2. Bro i know what ABS does. Its just that as I wrote it doesnt work like that ingame. Its an DRIVING ASSIST IN A GAME. Not the real world ABS and how it works...
  3. No im not. Braking assist does the breaking for you when it thinks you should slow down? Idk where I said that ABS does that?
  4. Bro its not ABS. In the Game it is an driving Asisst not an Drivers Aid System. It doesnt work like your saying it does, its not like its activates or deactivates. Its active all the time especially because you wouldnt notice it. When you break its active all the time and as @RLLLsaid it always acts especially on the rear. Also because @Ultra3142said it when you are a good driver TC slows you down especially because it reduces the power you have even when there would be no noticable traction loss without it active. I dont get whats so hard to understand that in the Game ABS is a driving assist
  5. Not the experience I had this game so far at all. I tried driving with both on and off and as I said I had no Impact in form of braking power whatsoever. Still you could say it was maybe because Iam well used to driving with it off but that still wouldn't explain the tyre wear being significantly lower than without ABS. So it's not that it doesn't activate as you guys mentionend but rather for me it seems it just perfects your trail braking and god knows why lowers your front tyre wear rate. Only explanation I have for the lower wear rate is that running lower BB and ABS in this Game makes you
  6. So you think that an Assist that doesn't even work like that in real life shouldn't give you punishment? In this Game ABS just gives you perfect Trail Braking all the Time. If you are a good Driver the Time improvement you gain by ABS is marginal or non existent tbh. But thats the big Problem for me, it gives you no real punishment in time gained or braking power but instead you even have less tire wear on the front Tires. Last game when u used ABS you had the same Tire wear and a little less braking power (so it seemed atleast). With Traction controll on your tire wear on the rear tires was w
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