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  1. Retired because of a silly bug: car was stuck off the road and I cannot go back to the road or get the penalty. After half a minute in the ditch I decided to leave the race. Maybe the whole game. Sorry but sometimes it's ridicolous. In Finland I touched a sign and got a full damage with 41g deceleration... from a 3" pipe.
  2. It's really funny that the endurance event was my earliest retire. So we move to 70s?
  3. Too many crashes since start. Everything stuttering. Got angry and retired. Better if I uninstall this game. Doesn't work properly on my pc.
  4. Pure madness :lol:  I like it. From ss13 to 24 it's a survival game.
  5. Ahahah it's the same thing here. If i get minutes from one that crashes, what if he doesn't crash? Hours? But maybe is the game itself that doesn't penalize the right amount of time for a crash. Sometimes you lose more time to return to path than going straight out and get 15"
  6. Very slow but worried not to finish (like in Finland). The last point available went to my team mate. I haven't a lot of confidence with Focus and tarmac.
  7. Started well, ended soon. I was 8th after first stage instead of last as usual. Then I crashed very very badly.
  8. I had a spin in every single stage and had to maneuver to take the right way every single time. Maybe I was too much confident. My pace was a lot closer to the top than results but... this is rallying!
  9. I like the format of this league with long stages and less service areas. Another thing I love is Group B with 2wd and 4wd together while 2000s are split in early and late wrc. I hope to do better next time, I had a few problems.
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