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  1. BRPSaga

    Patch 1.13

    and that the force feedback of the steering wheel vibrates when we are at the limit of traction
  2. BRPSaga

    Patch 1.13

    For me, Nerf in all assists(2x slower). a simple and functional lobby system. some adjustment in the cockpit camera that allows you to see the 2 side mirrors wider tracks (I have the impression that the game has different dimensions from real life) to dream is free
  3. I have a lot of difficulty with oversteer on the steering wheel. already tested several force feedback settings and was never satisfied. I can run only slower. I miss a traction vibe. at the time I went back to playing the controller because I was fed up with the force feedback turning off in the middle of the race. and it feels so good to play in controller, because the vibe gives the perfect feeling when we're at the edge of traction, so I can go faster and walk on the edge. I've been playing at the wheel for 1 year. I played f1 2019, 2020 and 2021. i have a thrustmaster tmx. is there any wa
  4. I'm Brazilian, here the minimum monthly salary is R$: 1,192.40 This game in its standard version, cost R$: 299.00 basically 1/4 of a monthly salary. many families survive on a minimum wage. where do I want to go with this? I paid 1/4 minimum wage in a game with buggy lobbies, there were days that I gave up playing online simply because I couldn't. it's a safety car teleporting, appearing elsewhere and NCing cars. it's my Thrustmaster steering wheel losing force feedback out of nowhere in mid-race. it's pretty frustrating, I certainly won't buy this game in 2022
  5. hello, On f1 2021 I'm using more conservative setups. Ex: 1-4 Shock Absorber, 1-3 Stability Bar. That way I'm not losing too much of a tail. I have a Thrustmaster TMX and I play on Xbox, so I don't have anyone to indicate who you can look at the setups for. It would be so nice if we had a vibration in the wheel drive tires. in control has
  6. hello, it took me almost 8 months to be consistent at the wheel, without assistance, I know how frustrating it is but keep training and soon everything will work out. Although I find the force feedback of this game depressing compared to the control (that you have brake and traction vibration), while the steering wheel has lane, zebra and off-track vibration. The main thing is missing, which is the traction vibration (I think this is ridiculous). I saw that above gave good tips on how to run without a line, after a while you start to brake by instinct, I usually look at the apex of the curve a
  7. "A picture is worth a thousand words" seven of the top 9 have abs on in France I agree, I think the assists in general are very strong. it is possible to take good laps and be less penalized for mistakes than running without assistance. Assistance should be something to help a person adapt to the game and not a permanent crutch, which they keep using, because they manage to be very consistent even with them. the only thing i wanted was my money back, i paid dearly, for a broken game, where the force feedback from the steering wheel is ridiculous. There's no vibration, nothing to let
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