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  1. You are really lucky. these codemaster assholes are doing nothing ... the internet provider is replacing my equipment tomorrow. I wonder if it will help
  2. @BarryBL Do I have to write or add anything else? I also wrote to my ISP if I can switch to IPv6. but will it help?
  3. 2: Find game (picture 1) 4/5 laps. And i click join game... got me connected and I watch the ride from them (picture 2). the race is over and it starts waiting for players until everyone is loaded. then again one is not loaded and the time starts to count down.(picture 3).time is running out and he takes me to the lobby but I'm alone in it and he is looking for a new game for me again. (Picture4) it happens 95% of the time. if he joins me when qualifying and loads me into the game before he starts, I can play that one game without qualifying. I will run a race and when lan
  4. Rather, I do not have a firewall. I definitely do not use VPN because xbox does not have it. Now the problem is different. I will give 2. In non-ranked games cannot find any game. Sometime all time search somtimes is NS7. BUT on ranked games is 2 problem: 1: Find game im join (picture 1). I am connected with a game in which they are on the 5th lap. then a change to the race results and I'm waiting for everyone to accept it (picture 2) 13/14 accepted and 14 will never be accepted. I am waiting forever.
  5. Unfortunately, this problem affects thousands of people, including me. But they can't do anything about it ... they keep hoping that they'll finally fix it. I play F1 2020 online and there are 16 people in the session there ... I see that more and more people are playing F1 2020
  6. Tell me plz what else can I do to play online ... it's really important to me ... I've already invested almost $ 3,000 in my simulator and I have to play last year's Formula: (((
  7. today I broke down. I deleted my data to play online .... not enough that I lost all settings ... even that did not help today to join the game Really plz help... I start play F1 2020... It is sad..
  8. I checked the ports. I wrote to the internet provider and everything is ok. I downloaded f1 2020 and everything works fine there. I tried all the advice. the only one that works is when I disconnect the cable from the Xbox and use the power a few times and then restart the game, I can join the 1st ranked game. when the game is over it takes me to the lobby where I am alone. and an error pops up you cannot join the game. in the case of unranked, the NS7 error pops up. The Xbox is connected by a cable. NAT - OPEN I don't know what else to try.
  9. yesterday I tried the event of the week for the first time. on lap 2 I was thrown out of the game and such a mistake popped up. A detailed description of the issue. Report Code Platform - xbox seria x Game-mode - event of the week [ONLINE] - ? [ONLINE] Were you the host? - No What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Evrything Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. - Screnshoot how to get the cable from xbox and press power. then I can play one
  10. F*********CK !!!!!! I don't have enough strength for this **** anymore .... do something !!! ****cking cash thieves. none of your **** advice works. and the internet is awesome
  11. Tell me what you did in the game today!!!??? For the last 2 days we were playing multi games as usual. from today again the error code NS7. I do not understand this.
  12. I have exactly the same problem on xbox x series. multiplayer doesn't work.
  13. Me to.... Yestarday its ok. Today nothing.... Help plz Codemaster... I buy this game and i bought steering wheels for over 1000 euros and i can't play
  14. dobra złodzieje. co dalej z tym wątkiem. W ogóle nie mogę grać w tę grę online. Wyrzuciłem pieniądze w błoto. Mógłbym za to nakarmić biednych. co dalej z tym problemem? kto mi da pieniądze?
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