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  1. I wonder if that somehow is causing an issue with connectivity? I have had the same connection issue the last two days when trying to play online or even check my podium pass! Luckily I’ve already reached prestige 5 (yes no life sim pleb 😆) so I don’t have to check it often but I didn’t know how bad this issue was until I had to research wth was going on 🤷🏻‍♂️ Hopefully there’s a fix but apparently it’s been going on since launch! I didn’t know that either 😶
  2. Here I am months later and this is STILL effecting my game. Even after multiple patches. It may not bother some but fir me it’s very frustrating. Even in multiplayer my name changes from Sainz to my name yet my flag and driver number are still unable to be fixed. So now everyone tries to speak Spanish to me online and I’m from California. Fun times. edit: playing on PC through steam and even tried through Xbox app with sane issue
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