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  1. until they fix this, I remember watching tom97's patch video and he mentioned the same problem with csl dd, He said something about inverting the pedals for a quick fix, hope you can get it working soon. Edit: was actually Alex Gillon's video, he said only fix was to "use inverted pedals or run in CSW compatibility mode"
  2. no, unfortunately both our streams have been deleted due to being 14 days old, this was the code I found from the commentator as he uploaded the full race onto youtube. actually have two codes from him as he had to leave and rejoin: VBRD-EMGP-PCVK-MHVG (original code) GCXB-TJAB-GGDP-EEVG (code used during the time the incident happened)
  3. Managed to find the code off someone else's stream as mine was already deleted after 14 days. VBRD-EMGP-PCVK-MHVG I'm assuming these codes are session specific and doesn't change with each driver?
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Red x issue, clips are provided of both drivers (sorry about the language in the clips) Seems like its usually happening to the same people, Myself (Jacopski) and Dutchy often have problems like this only after patch 1.10 if I remember correctly Dutchy had a red cross for me from the start of the race and vise versa, I honestly cant explain in words what exactly happens so you gotta look at the clips, some weird universe imploding stuff going on. Report Code Didn't get one sorry Platform? PC Game-mode? Private onlin
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