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  1. omg thank goodness someone finally sees that had we have it end under the safety car, it would have been a bad way to end the season
  2. GoSuarez99

    F2 2021

    I want to give props to Codemasters for actually putting Enzo Fittipaldi in the game in the F2 2021 update
  3. GoSuarez99

    F2 2021

    So what your saying is that Raghunathan would be higher than almost everyone in the W Series 2B93AF48-B2FD-491B-9DBC-F5FC0F674AAD.webp
  4. GoSuarez99

    F2 2021

    Conspiracy Theory: Codemasters will release F2 2021 with Turkey in December
  5. GoSuarez99

    F2 2021

    So what your saying is: Codemasters lied to all of us?
  6. Where are the F2 cars we were promised in November? I want to be able to drive as Piastri, Pourchaire, Nissany, and others
  7. GoSuarez99


    I still haven’t raced Jeddah yet but I will soon
  8. GoSuarez99


    They suck on street circuits in the My Team mode and it’s so bad that I skip the street circuits(🇮🇩,🇦🇿,🇸🇬)
  9. 2016 loading screen music is straight 🔥
  10. GoSuarez99


    So what you are saying is don’t race there in my team car
  11. The ghosts of Christmas Turkish GP, Qatar GP, and Reprofiled Tracks
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