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  1. HDR is disabled in windows and in game, I lowered/turned off any reflection settings, no change. It has to be something to do with the press conferences in Braking point as it's the only one that causes the bug and it's survived a Windows/Game reinstall
  2. BIOS updated to the latest version (51D), used DDU in safe mode, disabled driver updates, disabled networking, installed Chipset drivers again, installed GPU drivers 21.10.2 Issue persists but only in braking point, if I do a press conference in online mode or career mode it's fine, only in the campaign does it do it. Fresh Dxdiag added DxDiag_new.txt
  3. A detailed description of the issue. When in braking point, press conferences break, there is a graphical glitch where you see assets loading in but not quite right, then when your actually answering the questions you can't see the question or the answers, and there is a huge lens flare, you can pick answers even though you can't see them Once you pass this the loading screen is just black/blank The following scenes don't load correctly and assets don't populate correctly In the room everything is blank and the menu is missing, the pause menu also
  4. I will get the exact settings later when I am at home, but they are on high, I have tried various settings, I have updated the drivers since the bug first appeared, the bug only appears in Braking point, no other aspect of the game is impacted
  5. I wonder if this is what's causing AI to drive more aggressively, to the point recently I've noticed that they don't react to my presence, I've had them turn in to me a few times recently as if I'm not there
  6. A detailed description of the issue. After the french race in braking point I no longer have on screen controls, I don't see the options to answer questions in the press section, nor do I see the questions, I can randomly select answers but I can't see what I am selecting, after that stage in the room with the tablet, tv etc, I see the tablet/tv but no content on them, the menu on the top is missing, the menu to select to advance is missing (See screenshots attached. Once in the next race I loose all on screen HUD no matter what view I am in, the lights to say I am being
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