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  1. So…bit of an update. Seeing as the support forum offered no additional help or support that I had not tried already with no success I was left with only 1 option- to delete my game….again and reinstall it HOWEVER this time I deleted all of my save data too (ps5). I had to reload all of my set ups etc but guess what….I can actually match with other players now in social, leagues and 5 lap ranked 🥳🥳🥳 still nothing in standard ranked but beggars….and that is exactly what I have been this past 2 months….cannot be choosers. Well done me for fixing it myself 👏
  2. I think they should gift people f1 2022 if they bought 2021. F1 2021 online multiplayer isn’t worth the full of my backside of roasted snow 😡
  3. I wonder if this will be fixed or did I pay 70 odd quid to play against a computer? Anyone?? Admin??
  4. A detailed description of the issue. game works fine, can access f1 esports online and be ranked on leader board but cannot access multiplayer. Issue from about a month ago. Hoped patch would fix but no joy. Report Code no code given- simply says error failed to join session Platform? ps5 Game-mode? All multiplayer online modes, ranked, social, new imola. [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. if I am hosting then I go to the
  5. The game is a disgrace. I emailed support to have them copy and paste the info from the website and email it to me. Thanks. I asked them not to insult my intelligence and give me real info on how they are fixing my ‘no multiplayer’ experience….they copied and pasted the info from their first email…epic community support. SURELY it is illegal to advertise a game as playable online and then for it not to be? No wait, I forgot that hundreds of thousands of peoples internet is inadequate to play f1 multiplayer but is fine to play every other multiplayer game…🤦‍♂️
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