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  1. I hear you, but I need to get way better first šŸ„“
  2. I am indeed not using any TC or other assists. I will definitely look into the setup of the throttle progression!!
  3. HI guys, new to the forum, but been playing F1 games for a couple of years now. Im still not very good, but in the 2020 game I had decent setups and had good control of the cars. But now, in 2021, I really struggle to get on the throttle without spinning out, the cars seem much 'twitchier'. (for perspective: i'm on PS4, with Thrustmaster T300 wheel and pedals). I have used setups from other drivers before, but now i can't seem to find any ones that suit my driving style. Anyone have recommendations, and/or a username they know has pretty stable car setups? Thanks!
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