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  1. A detailed description of the issue : was doing the weekly race (twice now) and each time i am a few laps in to the race and i get booted with the error msg "Cannot join the session, you have no multiplayer privileges" error message. Error Code HS1638803 Report Code : Plows63 RBDX-ESBE-RVEK-GKJG Platform? xbox Game-mode? weekly online event [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? seemed full [ONLINE] Were you the host? NO What troubleshooting have you tried? nothing other than trying again. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add
  2. I had the exact same problem after the October patch update. On Oct 13th i posted identical issue here, after waiting a week and getting no help and trying everything including installing f1 2021 on a completely different xbox i deleted my save game data. So you get reset back to day 1 which sucks but everything then works again. Check the posts there are others that have had same issue and are still waiting for help because they dont want to delete the save game data, if it syncs with online saved data the problem comes back so make sure you do a delete that inlcudes and online
  3. It is a shame that after numerous people including myself having this issue and discovering the fix is to delete saved game data that codemasters still sees this post with an identical screen shot and issue explanation to months old ones and they offer up maybe its your firewall or vpn.
  4. @steviejay69I was watching the race as a spectator waiting to start the next one. These were not my cars/drivers. i'm not going to bother messaging the players to say hey what helmet are you using. It isn't important compared to all the other issues this game has, i was just watching the race and thought it was "funny", not as funny as the headless drivers on the podium but close. I'm sure someone at codemasters could to try on every helmet and go for a drive to figure it out 🙂
  5. A detailed description of the issue. Drivers not wearing a helmet seems to be catching on, seen a ferrari, merc and alpha tauri (Alpha are the biggest offenders i have seen so far) Report Code: no code, seen it multiple times while spectating a race Platform? xbox Game-mode? online [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. : any number of players [ONLINE] Were you the host? no What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. : none - d
  6. @BarryBLSame issue as above, code below, video attached Report Code for Plows63 is A detailed description of the issue: Weekly Event fails to load Report Code: for Plows63 is BGDS-SJMB-TVHS-GCJG Platform : xbox x Game-mode? What troubleshooting have you tried? Tried twice, restart xbox, same result Any screenshots or video of the issue: yes see attached 20211117_093144.mp4
  7. I have been on f1 2021 since day 1 on xbox x, it has worked fine until the last patch. After the last patch i could not play online. After waiting a week and getting no help and trying a 2nd xbox and every other trick in the book i deleted my saved data ( local and online) right after that i could join online again, of course all the career work was gone. if you do delete save data and it tries to sync from cloud dont let it otherwise problem stays the same.
  8. right after the last patch i had the exact same issue on xbox x. you are not going to want to hear the solution but here goes........ Deleted the save game data. So you will loose everything...setups, customization etc but right after that i was able to join online lobbies again. i had tried everything possible just like you have listed and then some, including installing f1 2021 on a second xbox that had never seen it before and i had same problem there. i could not join races even on this new install (which did sync my data on startup) So last and final option aside
  9. I no longer need your help getting this fixed. I deleted the save game data then spent the next 4 hours recreating all my user settings, car setups, custom liveries etc etc, I guess i really had nothing better to do with my day anyways! On a positive note my custom car setups are all now in alphabetical order looking so nice an clean. Back to day one on Career mode, new design and good to go. I can get in online races again just like there was never a problem. So for everyone looking for a fix, if you dont want to wait for who know how long....just delete your saved ga
  10. @BarryBL @RedDevilKT i just launched F1 2021 on my old xbox which i had installed F1 2021 on last week to test not being able to join any online races since the update (unable to join where the Practice logo just sits at top of screen and it says joining forever) The 'FIX" not that it is a fix and you all won't be happy about doing it unless all you care about is getting in online races..........DELETE the SAVED GAME DATA, relaunch F1 2021 and STOP it from SYNCING ( you get warning about stopping it but if you dont you continue to have the same issue) (Oh and if you have 2 xbox's turn of
  11. when the problem first started i was still able to join a league race, now that no longer works. code BCXD-KSBE-EGJB-GHJG Same symptoms as above and still on xbox x
  12. I have had this problem as well, only the overtake /ers button i have set. To be honest i thought it was probably just the button being glitchy from over use. Have to press twice sometimes or press it and the ers goes on and right back off ( i just figured sticking button) not bothered me enough yet to switch buttons and see if it goes away. on xbox x, g920 wheel
  13. @BarryBL report code from latest failed attempt is VAJH-APES-KHST-GHEG user id is Plows63 on xbox Nat is OPEN and all services available Testing network and online from xbox reports all available and working ipv4 is: Typical Security (Medium) LAN-to-WAN : Allow all. WAN-to-LAN : Block as per below and enable IDS. IDENT (port 113) ICMP request Peer-to-peer apps: kazaa - (TCP/UDP port 1214) bittorrent - (TCP port 6881-6999) gnutella- (TCP/UDP port 6346) vu
  14. I have a g920 and when i first started playing f1 i couldnt figure out why i had such trouble going around tight corners. I tried the same as you messing with the wheel rotation. it didn't work. what you need to do is go with a 360 degree rotation, set your saturation back to zero or close to it. The 2 differential settings that make a huge difference in cornering are off-throttle differential and on-throttle differential. google these and you will figure out why they are so important to car performance if you unlock your off-throttle differential the inside wheel is enable
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