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  1. this is wearing very thin, I am getting to the point of no return here. The problem just gets worse. The AI card are ridiculous and racing against a mercedes is becoming pathetic, I don't own a Mercedes nor do I want to. How can the Mercedes keep up with the AI at the start while I have no chance and especially on the fast circuits which it has only been giving me Bahrain and Baku so many times. My last 10 races 8 were against Mercedes and out of 10 races 6 or 7 are grid start, no qualifying and 3 or 4 sprint races. I have done as much with my red bull as i can and have developed it quite far
  2. Yes this new version started out great lots of aspects more realistic, but two things. This isn't the Mercedes show, if you don't have a Mercedes you don't have a chance with accelerating off the line. And second the AI racers are really irritating me. They are so fast on the straight and then the braking is horrendous with usually 3 or 4 now in front of you. Grid start is the worst. Previously AI drivers were useless now they the opposite... here's an idea... how about they be normal?
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