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  1. Yes, I believe it's part of the FFB issue that's occured on the G923 wheels because if I turn FFB off, the graphics are a lot smoother. I'll put in a report when I come home.
  2. I've got the same issue, any fix? Can play controller with no issues but G923 plugged in the game will have awful tearing. Have no other issues on any other racing game, AC works fine.
  3. Description: Banned from races randomly, both the beginner and experience modes in the social playlist. Will occur randomly and frequently but suddenly work for an unknown reason. Report Code: No report code Platform: PC (steam) Game Mode: Online - Social Races (Beginner and Experienced) Host: Not the host Troubleshoot attempted: Verifying files through steam. Restarting PC, and game. Screenshot/Video: - How to make problem occur: Go to multiplayer on home screen. Select "Social Play." Click on either "Beginner players" or "Experienced players"
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