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  1. I have gasly as teammate, my car sucks and i need to upgrade it but i don't understand upgrades much
  2. I think they should have team orders in the game, it would add realism, let's say your teammate is tied with his championship rival, the team asks you to defend as much and stuff
  3. Jackson Motorsport because thats my last name, with aiden jackson suit and purple, black, and white livery
  4. axelarm3

    Patch 1.13

    There is a mod for that on racedepartment
  5. axelarm3

    Patch 1.13

    I hope they bring the normal red bull livery back because I am utterly tired of the white one, at least bring the Acura one from the us gp
  6. Yeah but it isn't realistic, at least not yet as this is his rookie season
  7. I was playing in driver career mode and i left mercedes to go to red bull, guess who replaced me. Schumacher in mercedes now
  8. I went to that website but i am worried if i order it it will not come back and i dont want to get scammed
  9. Does anyone know when the thrustmaster t300 and the sf1000 will be back in stock, i am eager to order these two to start playing with a more immersive experience.
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