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  1. Next week behind us and we still don´t know anything. It´s really perfect. How long we have to wait for information or patch?
  2. But You don´t help us with our issues. You just deffend codemasters why they can´t upload update with fixes. Every game when they find fix for bug, they make micropatch with fixes. Why it´s not possible in codemasters? Because codemasters wait for big patch with huge content, fixes for bugs but huge content bring next bugs and we will wait next month for next content, fixes and new bugs? I don´t understand it. Doesn´t matter for witch part game (whether it plays a lot or few players) is repair ready, If it is ready it should be published. I just try F1 career with start i
  3. It doesn´t matter how many players is playing F2 in career mode. Last update was 6. December and after this update it happened. When codemasters release update and after this get new bugs which wasn´t before it, they should fix it as soon is possible and don´t wait next month for next update. I think it is not correct like this. You can´t justify it is not priority for codemasters. It is part of game and if it´s not priority for them, why is it in the game? I am happy you are beta tester only and you are not part of codemaster team. I don´t want to talk about it anymore. It´s been a long time
  4. I understand They must be sure that it will not bring more bugs. But they must fix it much faster and not wait until next patch. This is big problem. It is the same as not being able to shoot and kill enemy in battlefield or call of duty. When it will be a bug that changes look of helmets, so the fix can wait until the next patch. But not bug which changing starting grid after qualifications. It is not acceptable.
  5. Because they can make micro patch and fix bugs one by one like all games of today. If they know how to fix it, why we have to wait until next month? BTW every new patch has new bugs. And in race game is big problem if starting grid is changing after every qualifications. They should fix it as soon is possible.
  6. Hello,


    have you any information about fix problem in F2 qualification?


    Thank you

    1. BarryBL


      Please see my answers in the thread. Under investigation with the team.

  7. Hello, I start driver creer and finish qualification like first. I continued to reace my start grid place was thirteenth. My question is how to fix it please? Thank you
  8. Gametag 0verKlLL_CZ PC Steam Game f1 2021 A detailed description of the issue. - I am getting no score on the leaderboard also after multiple trys I did the first few trys but now I get no score? Report Code Platform? - PC Steam Game-mode? - esports event Austria & weekly event [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. - no players in the session just AI and CPU [ONLINE] Were you the host? What troubleshootin
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