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  1. Typical... Everyone else is seeing the same issues but no comments, no solidarity, nothing.... Absolutely pathetic. Why THE F do these forums exist??????
  2. Yes, why is everyone so pale or grey? Not only the drivers but the team, everyone needs to take their vitamins! I guess nobody at Codemasters noticed that huh? Just like none of us players noticed how microtrans-hungry Codemasters are.... Why no classic cars? Why STILL no weather settings option? Great game but shame Codemasters just don't seem to care about the players as long as we buy the game... Oh and get VIP and spend lots of money on liveries, helmets and suits
  3. The game has been changed from its original state. Not in an upgrade but in a downgrade. I have made several posts about sponsors on helmets gone. Codemasters do not respond to emails, they dont respond to forum posts. Can anyone tell me how i can get a refund because i'm pretty sure what they are doing is not legal. Can someone please tell me if they have any news regarding the sponsors or why no one else seems to care about this issue? Also, how can i get a refund, if someone has experiences with this please let me know.
  4. And being ignored again..... What The **** !!!!!!!
  5. Well i'm starting to get really fed up with this. In the original state of the game the sponsors you sign contracts with in career mode can be placed on the car and depending on where you place them they will then show up on the suit and helmet. They dont show up on the helmet anymore, even though this was part of the original state of the game! The patch did not fix this issue even though there were several threads on this topic! WHY HAS NOTHING BEEN DONE????? I am absolutely sick and tired of developers just ignoring us gamers, who are your clients!!!! When will you
  6. The people who bought Nascar deserve it! 😆😉
  7. If you come across it could you send me a link? Any idea if it's going to be fixed? Thanks for the comment
  8. Hey guys So, after the last update (Imola. I play the game on Xbox One btw) the sponsors do not show on the helmets anymore, in My Team career mode. I contacted Codemasters and got a lazy email back saying "this is normal, it's part of the last update". In the original state of the game, the sponsors were present. This is what the game should still look like, as many of us look up photos or videos of the game to assess whether or not we want to buy the game. So this could have been a factor to decide to buy the game. It is not acceptable for the sponsors not to show anymore, regardle
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