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  1. They gave me two points penalty, very funny. I am not interested in your forum. Scammers refund our money, i am starting my consumer rights procedure.
  2. Deleting comments is a very easy way, refund our rights and money.
  3. We can not play the game, we do not get what we paid for, for 6 months. No solution, we are scammed. All ********. Do they know its christmas time.
  4. They have been leaving since the game launched, they are all ****. If I had been the codemasters ceo, i would kick them in the a..
  5. There is no such option, he means probably change clutch assignment with brake. Also that does not work. After the last update, while the clutch was blinking in the menu, its completely lost. Even i did not understand what he means. Just a prediction. I have just read the upper post, we do not have shifter also. Useless.
  6. They might be still working on bugfull f12022. Refund what we paid for immediately. Sony does not concern your f.....g bugs.
  7. i have just bought a second hand csl elite, and wont buy codesuckers b......t game again. They are stupid idiots like max says. Play modded ac on pc, or rfactor.
  8. Mine is same, do not open. Its codemasters bug. They live with bugs. No solution yet.
  9. Yes and it can be done with codemasters software, for f1 2021, tweak, so simple and we are waiting for 160 days, damn.
  10. A simple solution what fanatec says about functions about f12021 game: "If you want to know about the missing functionality, you need to contact Codemasters, as they are the ones responsible for implementing the SDK provided by Fanatec. All Fanatec can do is give developers the tools to implement new functionality. If Codemasters chooses not to use the SDK, then there's nothing Fanatec can do about that." Thats all, all responsibility through any bug is related to codemasters.
  11. Day 160. God bless codemasters and first party partners, for such a bugfull game.
  12. Day 159, we will have solution when logitech releases g35 within the ps8 release. Codemasters will be still programming f1 series with much more bugs also.
  13. There is no other solution, if you have a chance return your wheel back. Even its not faulty, its impossible to play a gp with manual start. On the other hand if he wants to play on online lobbies probably there is no solution. Codemasters will not probably find a solution because its been 158 days till the game launched and no solution. If you have a chance, buy him a thrustmaster t150 much better a t300. Much more he can dive into simracing, rather than a gamer.
  14. Day 158, F1 season is nearly over. Thinking of max verstappen, in qatar, in a possibility of could not dropping the clutch at the start, like us. It would be really fun. Team Radio: Ver: I can not drop the f...g clutch Team eng: Copy max, we are trying to find a solution with first party partners. Ver: Its been 158 days i am still at the grid. Team eng: Copy max just wait, just wait till f1 2022 Ver: You stupid idiot. Horner: Good job max keep yelling. 🙂
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