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  1. I notice a change since a few days. Where most grid start duels were pathetic before and almost always lost with unrealistic difference in lap times (5-10 seconds), this changed somewhat to where grid starts are hardly lost anymore unless you have a good winning streak (then you can still lose without any chance). Sprint races the same, I almost win every sprint race now mostly with 2-3 seconds difference. With qualifying however this has reversed. Before almost every qualifying duel was won with 5-10 seconds difference, but now it seems programmed that you lose almost every qualifyi
  2. Wow! So I’m not the only one. Bizar, happens every duel grid start race where you are not leading the pack before the last two corners.
  3. If you have a life I would agree, but don’t underestimate a game addicted lowlife thug. 😂 If you play 7 hours a day and need like an average of 2 minutes per duel, yo would easily get to 700 races in 4 days. But I agree that the league rankings seem very unlikely. However, there are some names that I also see in the event rankings sometimes and some of them I know are real humans. Event rankings don’t look rigged to me.
  4. Couldn’t add much more to the examples you have given. I totally recognize the kind of races you experience. It’s totally lame and such a shame to what otherwise would have been a very nice game. I mean the racing itself, the ’touch’ you need to race well, good game physics which makes it challenging at times (although not as realistic as a console game, but I don’t care on a mobile device), nice graphics and upgrading system. Of course there’s a lot of improvements possible (career mode which is way too easy, adding single mode for practicing again like the 2020 version, less difference
  5. For me the points seem to in- or decrease consistently with a win or lost race. Haven’t experienced any glitches etc. there. The Bronze 1 vs. Champion division is strange however. It seems like a bug or mistake. What happened for me was this: 1. I get into Diamond 2 after placement matches with around 5400 points I believe (not exactly sure). Lost 1 placement match. 2. After that only wins so first to Diamond 3 and after that when I got more than 6000 points I did got into the Champion division, although it said Bronze 1. 3. Won my 5 matches in Champion division and unlocked
  6. I have encountered this bug also once so far, but in the Castellet track in qualifying as well. Think about three weeks ago. Very strange.
  7. I would say that choosing a setup with maximized (in order of importance) power, aero and lightweight makes your car as fast it potentially can be. That’s the reason - I think - the Mercedes’ chassis is by far the quickest in this game. The Red Bull chassis is easier to configure with a lot of lightweight in stead of power and especially aero (which it lacks big time with only one aero slot available by default). But only lightweight maximized doesn’t do the trick anymore, where this was the key to a fast car in the 2020 version. It’s still important, but they seem to have changed the phy
  8. Sounds logical to me. In the 2020 version I tested a lot in practice mode with stability 0 vs 1 setting to see if it made any difference in speed. And it did! Improved all my PB’s after changing it to 0. So therefore I chose to set it to 0 as well in this 2021 version. Haven’t tested this yet in the 2021 version however, but I assume you’re quicker with setting it to 0 as well. But it apparently comes with the disadvantage of losing control easier.
  9. I agree as far as entertainment value is concerned, but it’s a quick and easy way to earn lots of chassis cards on your official car if you bought one. Think I got like 350-400 Mercedes cards by completing the Master contract with all but one mission completed. This allowed me to upgrade from chassis level 5 to level 7 now in a very short time.
  10. I’m not sure if there are real human opponents or not, sometimes I feel there might be some, but I’d say at least 80% is fake and probably more than that. Here’s one of the many possible examples and proofs that most duels are fake. Opponents best time on France is 1:29:6xx. It’s a grid start ‘duel’ and I’m on my best streak so far with 14 (12 was my best before this). I have a perfect start but still I’m 2 seconds behind after the first two corners. I lose with 11 secs behind after an average but not perfect lap. Opponent drives 1:20:7xx (sector times combined), so 9 secs faster than hi
  11. It would all make no sense if it were real human players, but this is one of the many proofs that duel mode is a total scam. Very disappointing compared to F1 2020. To illustrate, a similar example in the attachment. Win streak of 31 with a PB of 1:29:xx on Monza, just impossible. You would lose virtually every race in Pro League if that’s the best you can do on Monza. I beat this AI opponent with 20 seconds in this qualifying race. So his time was actually something like 1:40:xx (I drove a PB in this race after chassis upgrade to level 6). Insanely slow for somebody with a 31 streak. 🤣
  12. I notice that when some manic AI opponent or real human opponent crashes into you, I often lose control and spin off the track. Race is usually over then, losing 5 seconds or more. When it’s the other way around however, I’m still often the one that is f%*#ked and the opponent drives on like he only hit a fly or something and I wasn’t even there. How can this be? Am I doing something wrong? Does anybody know? I usually hit the brakes asap when things go wrong. I was thinking maybe it’s the driving assist settings that make the difference? I have stability set to 0, so maybe th
  13. Why this hasn’t been fixed yet with all the updates that have been applied since the start of F1 mobile racing 2021? I really don’t know. Seems like an easy fix to something that’s soooo annoying. So the bug is like this: - Lap time after duel is incorrect, should be the sum of sector times. My PB times in my stats and event qualifying times are correct however. Lap times in career mode as well. If they were to finally fix this, I hope they can add the feature again (like in 2020 version) that when driving a personal best lap time after a race you will get a message about it in the
  14. Yes I had that in the beginning as well, but indeed you shouldn’t use DRS at the start of races on Monaco and Spa. Baku can be tricky sometimes as well, very short moment between activating DRS and braking for the first corner.
  15. Missions are back! Get 5 poles in a row mission now works. Unfortunately damage increase is still around 20% damage per track completion. But Official cars event will cost you 50 coins now per track in stead of 150 before. So all ‘n all good changes again. 👍
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