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  1. Juha Salo Racing 2010 livery: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/juha-salo-racing-2010.26464/ (will add the Finland 2010 livery once that DLC drops :D) Enjoy!
  2. pigloaf


    In the heavy rain. In the HE- oh never mind.
  3. pigloaf


    Me getting ready for a night stage in the rain
  4. #6 in the NZ Series: Mads Østberg's winning MkII Escort from the International Rally of Otago this weekend. Enjoy! https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/mads-Østberg-otago-classic-rally-2019.26390/
  5. Roland Poom's JWRC Fiesta R2 ready to download from RD: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/roland-poom-jwrc-2019.26332/ Enjoy!
  6. pigloaf


    Yea it would be a Club only solution but that's fine from my point of view. I'm willing to accept the risk for Monthly online events, as all I'm going to lose is a few credits - there's a lot more investment in community run Club events personally.
  7. pigloaf


    An example of how this could be managed without a blanket 10 minute penalty for clubs: Revert to the DR approach - if you disconnect, you are forced to resume from the last checkpoint set by the organisers. Re-run times should be highlighted on event tables - so event organisers (at least) can see that a time wasn't original and has been re-run. Provide event organisers with the simple ability to disqualify individuals from the event / championship. It's then my responsibility as a participant to provide evidence of that crash - a simple exercise of flicking through a crash report. This provides event organisers the flexibility to make a judgement call, as appropriate to the event they're running.
  8. pigloaf


    Oh I just need to fix my damn PC! I didn't realise it was that simple, thanks! 👍 It's not happening every single weekly / monthly - but over the course of a 20-stage, 6 location event like the RDRC a BSOD or game crash is bound to happen to a lot of users more than once. With a 10 minute penalty - that's enough to take you / your team out of a title race. For clubs, providing event organisers more visibility / control over whether these penalties are applied is better than enforcing a blanket 10 minute penalty.
  9. pigloaf


    Yea... I'd rather accept a small subset of people will be working the system, than have my event ruined because my PC BSOD. What's worse - a few dishonest people gaining a few places, or a few honest people coming last cause their PC isn't stable?? It completely voids the time investment in Monthly and Clubs events.
  10. pigloaf


    One area of concern for me is how disconnects are being managed. My PC just BSOD on the first stage of the NZ weekly, and after restarting and loading back into the event I'm dumped on Stage 2 with a ten minute penalty. Really?? There's not a lot of point in continuing with the event. Maybe if I could easily compare stage times through a Crest alternative I might be motivated to continue.... I really hope when Clubs drops that event organisers are able to choose how disconnects are managed in their events.... Otherwise those of us without rock solid stable PCs will be at the mercy of fate. DR managed this perfectly fine. I'd rather re-run several stages than be out of the event immediately due to a massive time penalty!!
  11. pigloaf

    DR 2.0 - One Month Later

    My one month summary - I've already doubled my total D4 playtime in one month. FFB isn't an issue for me after spending 5 minutes trying some recommended settings. Connectivity was only an issue when I was trying to use Mods - no longer an issue personally. Locations are excellent and Monte has got me and everyone else very excited at the possibility of future D1 locations to come. The core experience in this game is absolutely excellent. The only remaining concern for me is that Clubs still isn't here. CM cant afford more delay here or it will be D4 all over again: only the core community will care by the time it's released and they'll miss the chance to make the game a staple for sim racing communities like racedepartment
  12. New Zealand Wales Germany Greece USA Argentina Monaco Australia -3 (after a particularly frustrating event in the MkII Escort...) Sweden Finland Spain Poland
  13. WD40 DiRT 4 Conversion - Total Eclipse of The S*n Edition: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/wd40-fiesta-r5-dirt-4-conversion.25958/ @RodgerDavies
  14. To do that you need to replace .nefs files, which will for sure mean you cant submit times or progress career. I doubt you'd get a ban... but dont come to me if you do 😂
  15. livery slots are still limited But they're definitely now usable without penalty as long as you dont change the .nefs.