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  1. R5 conversion of Paddon's S2000 Fiesta from the Geko Ypres Rally 2013: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/hayden-paddon-geko-ypres-rally-2013.28361/
  2. pigloaf

    Feeling a bit disenchanted...

    The fact that this game is so close to being perfect makes its issues all the more pronounced. The core driving experience - absolutely exceptional. The locations and vehicles we'll have by Season 4 - absolutely exceptional! It just makes the many little things wrong with the game all that more frustrating - knowing that they weren't present in DR, and knowing the all-time-great potential of this game. For me personally it's: Clubs: Only a single class supported per championship. Only 12 stages supported. Tuning glitch (being worked on thankfully). This just limits the experience we can have in Clubs - which is what the game's all about for me right now. Community experience! Liveries: Not being able to use the folder method / access texture files for all these incredible DLC cars is absolutely criminal. This needs to be fixed. This partial mod-support approach is torture, honestly. Audio Bug: I'm not getting this, but people I play with are, and if I was I wouldn't be happy. I'd happily continue paying a lot for new content if they fix these issues and continue to build on this exceptional platform. What they can't do is move on to DiRT 5 / DiRT Rally 3.0 if they're just going to start from scratch and re-introduce these issues / more regressions in the next game.
  3. pigloaf

    DiRTy Gossip

    A lot of talk about liveries in here... The community can solve these problems - all we need is folder method support for DLCs! 👍
  4. Gwyndaf Evans' Escort Cosworth from the 1993 Network Q RAC Rally: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/gwyndaf-evans-network-q-rac-rally-1993.28209/
  5. Yes it could be that - I might have understood it wrong instead. Either way all the other feedback still stands of course. Folder method needs to be working for DLC content.
  6. Hi team, I have some feedback on the decision to leave DLC nefs encrypted. I’ve tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to keep this to the point. I've made the key points bold to aid in sending feedback upwards. Firstly, I appreciate the open communication from @PJTierney on this. This is much, much better than keeping us in the dark. Thank you team. The main reason you’ve encrypted these files is based on the concern that if left unencrypted, players won’t purchase the DLC but will export the DLC models and replace the model of an available car. Some perspective: The .nefs validation system you’ve built is already checking for .nefs file modification. The impact is, if people were to replace models in an available car, their career saves will be disabled and times will not be submitted online. The community has already shown from the launches of DiRT 4 and DR2.0 that with this degradation in experience, very few people will risk or bother going through the effort of installing custom liveries and models. People would need to go through the effort of installing custom software, extracting the appropriate model files, and replacing these within the nefs of an available car. This process is not trivial. They would then get the visual benefit - but that’s it - and the replaced car model is cannibalised. My strong suggestion is that for the amount of effort involved in the modding process, and for the quality of in-game experience gained - people won’t bother. The few that do are probably going to pirate or never pay for DLC in the first place. And in the meantime your paying, dedicated and engaged community get frustrated and disappointed. What continuing to encrypt DLC cars means for us: Frustration and disappointment. Less engagement with the game. Less motivation to purchase future DLC. Allowing the community to create liveries may seem trivial - but it is a crucial part of helping create an engaged community that will continue to invest time in the game. Will I use the Porsche 911 SC RS? I’ll try it out and move on. But if I could create a livery for it, I would without a doubt spend around 24 hours of my own time creating a custom livery - then be motivated to spend about as much time in game driving it. In DR1 my favourite car was the 2007 Focus in the 2000cc class. I haven’t touched it in DR2 because the liveries are rubbish. I won’t use the 2000cc class at all as part of Clubs because I can't use a livery which immerses me in the experience. It’s a massive missed opportunity. The only thing that is making me try the other available R2 cars at the moment is the fact I can create a livery that helps engage me and my team in the experience of competing with others as part of a community organised championship. Without both of these things I would be sticking to my Fiesta and running daily events until I get bored. Custom liveries keep things fresh and engaging - keeping me in the game longer. I’m much less likely to purchase additional DLC cars with this encryption in place. I’m talking even if the 206 drops - the livery will need to be hella good to make me consider purchasing - cause otherwise I simply won't use it. Without this nefs encryption imma throw you money. If you’re not going to unlock DLC nefs: At the very least please consider enabling the folder method for DLC cars so we can use liveries for models that existed in previous DiRT titles. Better, please consider also making DLC car textures available to the community somehow. This way the few people you're concerned about still can't rip you off, and there’s even more incentive to purchase your DLC because we’ll be creating a wealth of amazing livery content. If you won’t do either of these… You need to invest in better liveries for DLC cars, or in comprehensive livery editing tools. With love and respect, the livery options we have in DR2.0 just aren't good enough. What will these cost you to implement? What is the cost of an increasingly disillusioned community? Thanks team. xoxo
  7. Hey folks - I've uploaded the base 2019 JWRC livery, adapted for the Mk7 Fiesta R2: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2019-junior-wrc-livery-template.27294/ The intention is for it to be used to help other modders create other JWRC liveries. Or can just be used in game as is 🤙
  8. pigloaf

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    This is an absolute must, for sure. Without this option running community events will be a massive administrative pain
  9. My time of day / conditions drop down in Clubs is Spanish only - can't see a way to change it. Help me, Google Translate!
  10. pigloaf

    DiRT Rally 2.0: General Clubs Discussion

    Thank you team!!! Hugely anticipated - can't wait to get started ❤️
  11. pigloaf

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Roadbook - June 7, 2019

    Can't wait for clubs!!!
  12. Hey @PJTierney - we'd massively appreciate word on whether the folder method for liveries can be patched in for DLC cars. Even if DLC .nefs stay encrypted, there is a wealth of liveries for models we've seen before in DiRT 4 / DR which we could use if the folder method would work.
  13. Wake me up on the 16th 👌
  14. pigloaf

    News about Clubs?

    Clubs really should have been a day 1 feature, to be honest. I expected it much earlier after launch based on a pre-launch update from Christina, but I'm guessing all the time spent on racenet drama post launch is to blame for us not having it by now. There's more and more talk of "the grind", millions of unusable credits, repeated H1/H2/H3 community events etc etc. Clubs is what will keep this game alive, and it's reached the point where it really can't be delayed any further or all but the core community will move on and it'll be a mission to encourage the wider community back into it (just like DiRT 4).