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  1. Its all Mclarens fault.. if they didnt changed their livery the game would appear to the normal date xD shame on you Ron Dennis :persevere: 
  2. If u look at the circuit map. That points to it being fake  How does that make it fake? Seems simular to the other leak screenshots like the hamilton monaco screenshot. i think what he means is look at the map and you see that it is a track that doesnt look simular to any F1 track ;) 
  3. hello guys :) i need your help :) we are testing for the season start on sunday in melbourne.. my personal best is a 1:25,1 but my teammate personal best is a 1:24,5 .. and my problem is the last sector.. my last sector is around 33,9 but he is burning a 33,2 on the last sector... anyone has tips where i am doing my mistakes?? we are both driving with wheel and he has no assists on and i have only line on and everything else off... setup is quite simuliar.. anyone wich has the same problem and has found a solution? :)  thanks guys
  4. can you plaese fix this @hatta ?? with this bug we cant start league race :/ 
  5. You have to vote for kicking players :/ ghosting havent i testes yet but can test it for you when i get back from work :)
  6. yeah, we are all using maual gears :) the guy in this video in the mclaren are full SIM on pad and i have only the line on with wheel :)  thanks for reply @hatta
  7. hello guys :)  i have a problem or i dont know if its a bug or what it is but i drive with a wheel on F1 2014 and some friends of me drive with the Pad and at the start the Pad drivers get a much much better start than the wheel drivers, i've made a video with the start.. the one in mclaren drives pad without assist, so no traction controll or something like that. and it is like that for everyone.. we have tested with other peoples with pad and wheels but the Pad drivers always make a better start than the wheel drivers.. somebody knows why or something? here the video with the start ht
  8. When i get home i make a video with the new sound so you can hear what it sounds like :)
  9. I found a webside where they wrote that the engine sound has been improved, mayve the patch you were talking about @mmpaw37‌  ? :) but a friend told me that he got a second faster in sotsji after patch so maybe there is more than just the sound, he is on gamepad  Here is the link http://www.senpaigamer.com/sony-playstation/new-patch-release-ps3-version-f1-2014-game-japan-10062014-0832
  10. bought a Ps3 from japan with a Japanese Acc on it so i used the japanese account to download the game und use it with the european account now 
  11. bought a Ps3 from japan with a Japanese Acc on it so i used the japanese account to download the game und use it with the european account now :) 
  12. Hey guys? :) I just saw that there is a patch on ps3.. its about 60 mb big and i was wondering if anyone has patchnotes or something like this? :) maybe @Hatta‌ ???
  13. I am on ps3, the graphic is like 2013 but i think that this is the maximum of the console :) 
  14. Hey guys :)i have all f1 games from codemasters and i am driving in a league for years. i have the new game since thursday and has driven a good time online since then. And i can tell you guys that from the handling aspect (i think this matters the most on a racing game) is nothing like before :) and i think codemasters has made a very good job with this game when you think about that they defintley are on the limit of the console. This years game you have to be so kind on throttle through out slow corners thats a hard Challenge and it feels like you have a little more grip in fast corners tha
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