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  1. lucsus1989

    Settings for Fanatec CSL Elite

    wheel settings: Sen: 360 FF: 95 sho: 100 dri: off brf(only with Loadcell): 50 fei: 40 damper: 0 anything else 100 inwheel in-game settings: overall FFB: 75 on track: 4 kerb: 8 off-track: 10 understeer: off wheel damper: 0 wheel rotation: 360 🙂
  2. Yeah i put it on demand.. Can make some pictures 👌 but my game is in german if its matters 😂
  3. Description of the problem: cant get from q1 to q2 Platform: Ps4 Game version: 1.20 Game mode: league online Players: 4 Lead up to problem: we are creating a new league and enabled session safe Can you replicate the issue? Tell us how here: everytime we create a new league with session save enabled we can run q1 and at the end when we see our times we cant press "next" on the left side stands "waiting for player and race director" and we had one league owner, one admin and 2 members and no one could press anything.. Tried several new leagues
  4. Having issue with League mode.. If we make a new league and enable session save and we drive full Qualifying we cant get passed Q1 because no one, not the league owner, not the admin and not the regualr member can press next or something to get to the next session. We are on ps4
  5. lucsus1989

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Yeah.. We are in our league in bahrain.. And in the assist league we are running there was in q3 9 pad drivers and only 1 wheel driver.. And i see in the non assist league where i drive the pad drivers are much closer to the front than they were in melbourne and the most time they gain is in sector 1... They have much more traction out of slow corners, in rain and at start
  6. lucsus1989

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    @Faya do you have some official comment that you guys are aware of this bug? It is kind a game breaker since you have to leace the session and loose your progress from this qualy/race online
  7. lucsus1989

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Yeah on PC... I think we others are talking about console wherw the pad is the standard input device bit still redicilious to spend 600 euros on a wheel and than you are slower as pad 🤔
  8. lucsus1989

    Pad vs Wheel completely broken?

    Same problem in our league.. We have fir example one driver wich drives with pad and last season he drove in our assist league and won the championship by 5 points.. Now he is driving at the no assist League where i am driving to and i have 9 years f1 experience and 17 years online racing experience and the pad driver is now 4-5 tenth quicker than all we others in the league... Also on the start and rain the pad drivers has an advantage their too
  9. lucsus1989

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    Same here on ps4 in online..
  10. lucsus1989

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    We definatly need the mid session save so if we have to restart the lobby cause someone dropped out we dont need to start everything again but just can progress with the race
  11. lucsus1989

    Announcing F1 2015

    Its all Mclarens fault.. if they didnt changed their livery the game would appear to the normal date xD shame on you Ron Dennis :persevere: 
  12. lucsus1989

    Announcing F1 2015

    If u look at the circuit map. That points to it being fake  How does that make it fake? Seems simular to the other leak screenshots like the hamilton monaco screenshot. i think what he means is look at the map and you see that it is a track that doesnt look simular to any F1 track ;) 
  13. lucsus1989

    Last sector Melbourne

    hello guys :) i need your help :) we are testing for the season start on sunday in melbourne.. my personal best is a 1:25,1 but my teammate personal best is a 1:24,5 .. and my problem is the last sector.. my last sector is around 33,9 but he is burning a 33,2 on the last sector... anyone has tips where i am doing my mistakes?? we are both driving with wheel and he has no assists on and i have only line on and everything else off... setup is quite simuliar.. anyone wich has the same problem and has found a solution? :)  thanks guys
  14. lucsus1989

    BUG Tires Qualyifing and Race! F1 2014 PS3

    can you plaese fix this @hatta ?? with this bug we cant start league race :/ 
  15. lucsus1989

    F1 2014 online questions?

    You have to vote for kicking players :/ ghosting havent i testes yet but can test it for you when i get back from work :)