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  1. That is hilarious but something I somewhat agree with. Gameplay is more important to me than anything graphics wise. I could play with cars like mario carts just fine if they drove like they should and I had liberty with livery a realistic setup system and telemetry so I could see what a specific part of the car was doing at any specific part of the track so I can tell what I need to adjust. In my opinion I should be able to adjust camber and toe in on every wheel independant of another and caster and maybe turn angle on the fronts and adjust the springs independantly as well unles
  2. Not that kind of ghosting. It is acting like I am playing multiplayer where when you crash your car ghosts so you do not interfere with the other players race. Like when my son and I do a coop career the lapped cars ghost. In my opinion there should not be anything I do in a single player game that causes my car to ghost. Drive backwards.. I should be able to drive the wrong way all day if I wish to. Whatever nonsense I fell like should be just fine on single player. When the AI acts really stupid and crashes me sometimes I like to just crash the fool out of them to get
  3. Why am I ghosting in single player with ghosting turned off? There is not a single thing I should be able to do that would cause my car to ghost in single player.
  4. I did mine on the floor many times but had to clean it up when I was done. Found it much better to do it on a sheet of plywood I could slide under the bed and the track would be there when I got home from school for another race or two. HO scale so I could mimic the green hell on a single sheet. I had something like this. I had double that before I was done. In fact I have one like that in storage now. https://www.rcsuperstore.com/afx-giant-raceway-62-5-foot-mega-g-ho-slot-car-track-set-w-tri-power-pack/
  5. There are a few I do not like for one reason or another. Alas I did swap Monaco for China for my second season. I do not like China or France because I do not like that many snails in one place. Some tracks I do not like because I like some elevation change that gives reason for the curves. This coming from a guy that spent many hours putting slot car tracks together on a sheet of plywood and many more hours running cars around them. I had some controllers that were like train controllers I could set the speed and let em go. I would put together a track then spend some time allowi
  6. I hate it when I make a pass, had to compromise my turn just a bit to do it and because of that the AI even knowing I am 4 tenths faster per lap tries to re-pass me and in doing so hits me and I get the warning/penalty. Worse yet when it is my team mate. I want them to fight realistically and currently they try to pass me in places they shouldn't which then makes them slow in the places where they should be trying to pass me. The starts are the worst for me. EVERYONE is trying to get by me into turn 1 and I have to restart numerous times before I can get thru unscathed
  7. I do not see how decent telemetry with a decent explanation of what is shown and what changes to the settings actually do could make it more difficult for anyone of any ability. I can always turn the difficulty down enough to be champion so long as the physics allow me to get round the track given enough assists. With the telemetry and a decent explanation of what the changes to settings do to the handling of the car I am able to get around the track more effectively and compete at higher difficulty levels with fewer assists. There are other games out there with decent
  8. When I set my race strategy I set it up for 2 stops or 3 and then try to run one or two. More than once I have made the stop I intended at the lap count I intended for a one stop only to have the team install the wrong tires forcing me to restart the race or make the second or third stop I never intended to make. Then there are the times I simply stretch the tires a few laps make the stop and the game has not the capacity to change the next stop lap count so it tells me my next stop will be in a couple of laps. I much prefer playing when I have someone with me using th
  9. They should refund me what I spent to purchase a game they knew was broke when they put it on the market if they have no intention of fixing it. The evidence shows they never had intention of fixing it since they have had this amount of time to address the issues. Unless the fix this one before the next one is released they have no worries about me purchasing the next one. Do you think they intend to fix this one before they release the next one?
  10. They very likely do not play the game so they have no clue what the issue actually is. I played a different game that people modded. One such mod was updating the realism of the equipment used. What they didn't seem to understand was that the equipment was as it was for game play, not intended to be for realism and realism in the mod killed the game play which made all them work they did on the mod for nothing as people wouldn't play it for any length of time.
  11. It does give hints.... I do not want someone else's setup. So I guess I go play a different game that does have the telemetry I want and allows me much more latitude in the setup of my car that the people who made it ruined in a different way such that I prefer the older 1st gen xbox version and it doesn't have F1 cars and tracks.
  12. I see all the issue people are having that make the game unplayable for them and they are not getting fixed. They fixed this in short order. The other issues are game killing but the people can log in and access the store. The recent issue didn't allow access to the store. I dunno nuttin but it sure smells.
  13. My son and I have played another racing game. Online two player with AI the AI is split half on my console half on his. MY AI are unaware he is on the track and his are unaware of me so you have to be careful getting close to any AI. This is an older version of that game and the newer ones are worse we understand. In fact the best version we have tried is like the third one on the original Xbox I believe.
  14. I could if I had the telemetry that allowed me to see what the car was doing at any specific point on the track in such a way that I could understand it reliably. As it is I throw on a base setup and play with it an hour or so until I can get around the track and run it. I got no real clue what the car is doing as I can not tell how far it is rolling over in the turns or what the contact patch is doing or if the car is bottoming out or reaching the top of spring travel. I have downloaded three or four apps for the telemetry but can not force them to work reliably and th
  15. My problem seems to be that whatever I download doesn't function reliably. When it does what it provides is not in a form that I can understand. I have no intention of paying for something that provides something that should have been in the game to start with. Currently I wish I had not even touched the game at all.It is a game I want to play and do that is so forked that I want to throw the console away at least three times every time I play. I can not fathom someone putting out a racing game of this magnitude which does not have telemetry in game nor do they have an
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